5 Feb 2020 Tangible or Intangible experiences

Where will my feet be taking me next?

Hello to you.  It’s a gray and cold afternoon as I write.  Hope this finds you doing well in your where and when as you visit me here.

I was trying to think of something to write about and the subject of tangible and intangible experiences came to my mind.  It’s one thing to imagine the things you would like to do in life but quite another to actually do them.  I’m at a cross roads point in my life right now.  There is a part of me that longs for an adventure and part of me that is hesitant to even step my feet too far out of my own neighborhood!  Can you relate?

I ran these numbers in the gematria calculator with interesting results:


(Remember the word values I’ve listed aren’t the only ones that exist.  I encourage you to explore this for yourself and see what shows up for you personally)

Tangible or Intangible Experiences = 319 132/148/143/150/140/158/125/134/150/140…..(pattern repeats)

(ironically my name, Jackie = 39 and life = 32) (148 – human emotion) (some 143’s-resourceful, contentment, rehabilitation)(some 150’s – understanding, communication, divine planning, positive image) (some 140’s – interesting, observation) food-40) (some 158’s – quality of life, being yourself) feeling-58)

(some 125’s – courageous, surprise, solution, spiritual) all-25) (some 134’s – intellectual, information, combinations, responsible) one-34)

Tangible = 70 129/134/150/140/158/125/134/150….(pattern repeats)

(some 70’s – effort, tasks, seeking affordable)(some 129’s – experiment, experiencing, stimulant)

Intangible = 93 98/91/76/117/133/146

(some 93’s – management, growing, outside, internal, trying, physical, writer)  (together – 98, spirit-91, value for my last name/humans-76) (some 117’s -humility, upbringing, occupation) (some 118’s – conscious, true love, wonderful, concentrate, attention)(some 133’s – community, intentional, system life, property) and (some 146’s – brain function, peace for the brain).

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