7 January 2022 Just Fly

“Can you teach us how?” chorused the children in the golden oak trees canopy. Above her the night sky sparkled but felt like a secret. Were these fledglings ready? If not now when? She looked into their eyes lit by starlight and whispered, “Raise your hands over your head and jump….just fly.” One by one they did as she said and did just that.

This is based on one of my flying dreams where I was teaching little children how to fly. It’s so easy to fly in dreams.

15 November 2021 Good night

Hello. It’s 1003 pm here as I write. I should be winding down and going to sleep but I can’t for some reason. I feel tired but as soon as the lights are out my eyes pop open. I just lay in the dark awake. Does that happen to you? I have tried a couple different sleep aides but none of them work not even Benadryl! I want a deep sleep with happy dreams! Some of my favorite dreams are when I get to fly. You just jump up and oops there goes gravity!

“Eyes wide shut the dark night pulls it’s strings on the curtain call of this day.”

“She closed her eyes and the sky was a brilliant blue. The sunlight was soft….no clouds. She reached her hands towards the sky and gave a little jump…up up and away she flew. “ That was what happened in one of my flying dreams .

Well I’m going to try and fall asleep again. Goodnight.