8 March 2020 Be still, do nothing and say a prayer

Hello to you, how are you ? Today started out rough. I just didn’t want to do anything but stay in bed. I tried to “scare it away” like before but I just couldn’t shake the feelings I was having. I can’t raise my voice or yell without scaring Link so that’s the other thing. I had about given up on the day when I got a text from a new friend I made from a Codependency telephone group. She was having a rough day herself and just needed to touch base with a friend. Taking in to account something I had just recently heard Joyce Meyer say and what I had learned from my own experience I asked her if she would like to talk about it and so she called me. Sometimes by being a blessing to someone else in a time of need, we ourselves are blessed and such was the case here.

We shared each others problems and whittled them down to the sweet spot – Jesus – God and how sometimes when we don’t know what else to do we just have to be still, do nothing and pray. We decided it would be a good idea to say some prayers about the situation she was facing and it really felt good to do that. In her time of trial she was a blessing to me. Just talking to her got me up and out of bed!

This friend is the second in the past couple of days to tell me why they are a Christian and give their testimony to me. I had prayed about this before bed last night! “God, Jesus, show yourself to me” I believe God answered and these answers actually warmed my heart and gave me hope.

I’m curious what the title I chose reflects in the numbers:

Be still, do nothing and say a prayer ” in the English Ordinal system equals 333 (yes, no may be x3! not exactly serenity in the numbers) I just looked at phone and it’s 3:33 pm lol go figure.

24 Feb 2021 Manifestation

Hello and Good Morning. How are you doing today? I am doing pretty well. I had some cereal and coffee and Link has been out. It’s very cold this morning so the walk will have to wait!

Lately I have been feeling like I am back in “life school.” My Dad told me a long time ago and I believe it, that life is school and we are never out of class. In the past year I have been through some pretty heavy duty courses! I have been going through a divorce, sold a house, bought a house, got my license plates and driver’s license in another state just to name a couple things. The lions share of the course work seems to be about my figuring out how to not be codependent.

It wasn’t until I really started to grieve the lost of my marriage did I realize how codependent of a person I could be. I used to be perfectly fine being alone but that was when I knew I had someone to come back to. Now that I am alone with Link I am having to figure out how to be truly alone. I’m back in school and the class is Manifestation.

I am having to remember I have the power to manifest my reality – I’ve done it before. I did it through writing, art, and various other means to make the reality I wanted to live. When I practiced manifestation before it was trying to bring about the relationship I really wanted. I want to manifest another relationship but before that I want to be healthy in myself. I don’t know if it’s possible to be open for a new relationship and a new life at the same time. I am having to turn to God about this. A couple affirmations from yesterdays reading really stuck out:
*All difficulties between me and ______ are now being healed *The more I love myself the more I love ____.

I love __________and _________ loves me. *Pg 132 Creative Visualization

My temptation was to put my husbands name in the blank spaces but then instead I put God. I want my husband to want me back but his every word and deed is in opposition to that. When you strip away all the possibilities it is God that still remains. When I think of the way things have been the past couple of years, I was married but was spending most of my time with an intangible God. Now is my opportunity to see what it’s like with no one in the way of that relationship. It’s been a rough start but I am coming around to the idea. I want to be complete and whole inside and these thoughts are all part of the manifestation process I’m going through again. The man I want to share my life with must believe in a power greater than himself – God.

So we’ll see what happens in the time that is before me. Lets see what manifestation is in the numbers:

body” in the English Ordinal system equals 46

manifestation” in the English Ordinal system equals 146