15 December 2021 Attention Span

Hello to you! How are you doing today? I’m just out of bed. I had trouble sleeping again last night. It’s becoming a new normal and I don’t like it! It’s gray and cold….where is our sunshine ?!!! Guess I will have to generate my own light today!!

This morning my thoughts turn to something I’ve noticed about me as I have been immersing myself into the world of the look and swipe. I’ve noticed my attention span has gotten really short. If you can’t get your point across or entertain me quickly I’m already moved on to the next thing. I haven’t had the presence of mind to read a book in months. It just takes more concentration than I seem to be able to muster right now. There is a part of me that is hoping for positive change to come into my life so that I’m not so dependent on external devices.

Link and I are so tiny in the scheme of things. What is our part?

“Gears turning as worlds are burning. Rise and fall the big and small. Into the spiral we come and go. Faster and faster is the flow. Where we go next no one can know. Shine future children shine gradually all things will align.”

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