10 November 2021 Belief (Angels)

Hello and good day to you. How are you ? I’m doing ok. The sun is out this morning and I took a walk. It felt good. It’s a new day!

11 For he will command his angels(A)concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;(B) psalm 91:11

I have always believed I have guardian angels. So when I saw this video on the YouTube channel Slapped Ham I had to share: https://youtu.be/C3jOrmZ-zqQ

What do you think? Has our technology evolved to a point we can finally start capturing the image of these celestial beings? It would be interesting to see more of these types of videos and have them analyzed.

I have never seen my angels but know they are there. Like when I had my car accident last Christmas. The crash seemed to be slowed down like something kept me from getting hurt. Neither one of us had any injuries. I can remember another time something like that happened . I was riding my bike to school and hit the back end of a car. I flipped completely over! I came away from that with a couple scratches but nothing else!

I think guardian angels are like time travelers. From my experience with my angel named Deegan, there are limits to what they can do and how they can interact with us. I begged to see Deegan but instead of seeing him I ended up with full life reviews I’ve described. My consciousness was able to see the in between. I will tell you it was too much for anyone to experience and be able to get back to reality. Be careful when making requests of your angels!

Do you believe in angels? Belief is power. When we believe in something as a collective we give power to whatever or whomever it is. Angels have been here for as long as our concept of God. That’s a lot of power. If we believe God exists why not angels? As technology becomes more advanced I think we will have more evidence surface to validate our beliefs.

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