14 March 2021 Lonely Places

Hello to you how are you? I am doing pretty well after celebrating a couple of birthdays with family yesterday. When you live alone most of the time, having time with friends and family really helps a lot.

Since the divorce, I have been having to get used to my own company; thank God I have family here and Link. Doing life alone this past year has not been easy to do, I get really lonely a lot. The way I have found solace as of late is working on my relationship with God.

This passage stood out to me :

Luke 5:16 But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed .

In my opinion, Jesus was the rockstar of his time. It makes sense that from time to time he would seek seclusion with God. I can imagine him going to a spot in nature and having a nice chat with God. I can imagine the conversation, ” Hey Dad, it’s me Jesus. Did you see all the crowds today? Did I make you proud ?”

Sometimes we have to unplug from everything and everyone to hear God. A lot of people like to retreat to nature but it’s usually just to escape their hectic lives not just to be nearer to God. Ironically it is in nature’s whispers God can be heard the loudest. The breath of wind from a deep blue sky, the rippling of the waters and fields filled with the multitude of bird song all the ways God speaks. When I go to such lonely places I am ironically reminded of just how not alone I am. God is always with me.

16 December 2020 – Alone or Lonely

Hello! How are you in your where and when? I am sitting here with Link feeling a little lonely. Someone recently said there is a difference between being alone versus being lonely. I am with Link so therefore I am only lonely whereas if I didn’t have Link to keep me company I would be alone. I am so grateful for Link!

While I am grateful for having Links’s company, I really miss having a human someone to share this new world with. I am moved in to my new home but it doesn’t quite feel like home yet, something and or someone is missing. I guess God is working on this person for me and I just have to be patient.

My Aunt shared with me a powerful affirmation about situations like I’m in – “it’s just for now.” What I am going through is just for now and I need to learn what I can from it before I try and bring someone else into my life. If I a honest with myself, I am impatient and want God to hurry up! I have to have faith someone will come into my life right on time.

lonely ” in the English Ordinal system equals 83 – racetrack and or eternity of a yes, no, may be existence

alone ” in the English Ordinal system equals 47 – left brain all vices in check

It’s just for now” in the English Ordinal system equals 209 – process of light and shadow self unknown “no” existence