3 December 2021 Crap House (Gingerbread House Kit)

Hello! How are you doing tonight? Today was a good day – made much brighter by my friend who came over and spent some time with Link and I. She is one of Links favorite special friends! We love her so much!

She brought over a gingerbread house kit for us to put together. We listened to Christmas music and did our best lol! The kit looked like this:

They make it look so easy

Well we both agreed we ended up with a house that was crap lol! The kit didn’t even have all the materials in the picture. There was supposed to be a box of Dots candy and all we got was an empty box! We did the best we could with the inferior materials provided. “T” said its like making mud pies but for adults! Our house came out like this:

For those familiar with the baking show Nailed It – we definitely nailed it on this house !

She left the house with us so now I officially have one Christmas decoration out AND I wrote out 4 Christmas cards today! Omg I’m doing Christmacy stuff!! God has it figured out for me! Just keep doing the next right things!