4 April 2023 Energy

Hello to you. How are you doing in your day? My thoughts turn to one word today – energy. As I get older and am much more sedentary than I used to be energy seems to be in short supply. I look back at my life and wonder if I just burned my candle on both ends. I was an athlete for much of my early years and now it’s a trial to get around the block! Welcome to middle age!

The Steve Harvey L’Evate you stuff didn’t do much for me and neither has taking extra vitamins. My ex use to talk about something regarding energy that I wonder if it’s true – that each of us has s certain amount of energy allotted to us. Drinking energy drinks etc. doesn’t give us extra energy but makes us use up our allotment faster.

Hopefully we can figure out what’s going on in my head with the dizziness and swaying. Then I will know if this is something I’ll just have to live with. If it ends up being Mal de barque syndrome I will have to.


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