12 February 2022 Trolls

Check out 12 February 2022 Saturday morning chat https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1295753063

Hello to you. It’s Saturday as I write to you. As I sit here typing the morning sun is streaming in the front windows – it feels really nice!!

The stream this morning was interesting. My friend and I aren’t sure but are thinking I got a 2022 version of a prank call. Some guy was trying to tell us that his 3 year old sister somehow got a hold of his Grandmas ashes and flushed them down the toilet! We weren’t sure if we should take him seriously or not. It’s so frustrating when stuff like that happens on this platform. I have a limited amount of time and don’t want it wasted by pranksters and trolls. Lately I have been encountering more trolls than usual. Other than banning them there isn’t much I can do! If I was making money doing this I would have moderators to police the stream.

“Each day is a “workshop.” Let’s remember to keep our minds and hearts open so we won’t miss our opportunities.” (A Woman’s Spirit)

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