20 September 2021 Reflections

Good day to you ! How are you ? It’s getting really chilly here at night already . I don’t know about you but when it’s chilly it’s hard to get out of bed!! I am kind of procrastinating going and getting groceries – not one of my favorite things to do !

So anyhew…….it’s Monday again. The days are going so fast and it’s not even that I’m really busy. It just feels like this year has gone fast. Just this time last year I wasn’t sure I would have a place to live and sitting here now I have a little house . I wasn’t sure of a lot of things and there have been answers! I am not alone !

The morning comes with its familiar light, My Pandora mind opens and my thoughts take flight. I seek the comfort of an invisible friend, a God who assures me they will be with me til the end. The voice that comes is comforting and clear, he says everything I am longing to hear. I find myself wishing they would stay but like the morning he just fades away .

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