19 April 2021 The Wind

Hello to you, how are you? I am doing pretty good today. The wind has been blowing something fierce this morning. I wonder what God is talking about today:

Psalm 104:4New International Version

He makes winds his messengers,[a]
    flames of fire his servants.

Sometimes when I hear the wind through the trees I wonder what it is they are talking about. I wonder if it’s like going to the hair dresser and being under a fan getting your hair to set. “Did you see Weeping Willow down the street?! I wonder how long she’s going to let her hair grow out?!”

Sometimes the wind is scary if it blows too hard….is that a fight?! Lets see what the wind is in the numbers:

balance” in the English Ordinal system equals 38

the wind” in the English Ordinal system equals 83 (eternal yes, no, may be)

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