27 April 2021 Habit, Process and Feeling

Hello to you how are you doing? I’m trying something different and using the WordPress app to write to you today .

My friend and I were talking about his pot smoking habit. That’s why the title! He was talking about the process and how it’s soothing for him. He goes and gets the pot, rolls his blunts and then smokes it. Then he gets the munchies and has something to eat . Then he gets sleepy and takes a nap .

When one doesn’t have anything to do we sometimes adopt unhealthy rituals to fill the void of time. My friends addiction ,as he now was calls it , is really a habit with a process and ultimately a feeling…..it’s something to do. He wants to quit but isn’t sure what to put in its place . I almost think of pot smoking like drinking coffee. Preparing a cup of coffee to drink is very much a habit, I call it the “dark ritual.”

Habit process feeling in English ordinal 193 -one no yes, no, May be process

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