27 August 2021 Sentience

Hello to you. How are you today ? I’m doing well. This morning I had a routine that actually worked for me and I feel pretty good. Even with waking up in the night !

This morning my thoughts turn to sentience . I have long wondered if the earth could even be God! What if each planet was a sentient being ? I know that a little far fetched but thinking about what is possible is it really so out there ?

When I think about this I’m thinking about how the earth functions and how much alike our functions are to the earth. The earth breathes, sweats, relieves pressure, has storms …..so many things like humans and has eyes everywhere ! Almost every living species on the planet can see or feel! I wonder if by having us and countless other species that is how the earth keeps from going insane! Just some stuff to think about!

How about all these planets that have suddenly appeared like they were hiding in plain sight ? I don’t think it’s a coincidence .