22 August 2021 Simplicity

Hello and how are you ? It’s Saturday morning as I write to you . I tried to get Link on a walk but he didn’t want to go. So I went on a walk by myself and got a couple laps in. We got a little rain. Just enough to mess up my car and nearly erase my chalk drawings!

So my mind is on simplicity this morning. I am thinking of “the little way.” It’s not the big grand gestures we can do that make this world a better place. Often it’s the barely perceptible. People just being themselves! I used to try and do so much more but I wore myself out ….I got broken . Hopefully some day soon I will find a little way I can give back to the world that gives me so much!

Simplicity ” in the English Ordinal system equals 135 – one yes no May be existence for all the senses

Drawing for today
A project I did with my cousin at a sip and paint gathering