15 Oct 2020 Repair/die/run/move on

Hello there, how are you doing today? It’s already Thursday and the end of the week approaches. We had frost on the ground this morning – not ready for cold weather yet!

As usual, I was having trouble coming up with a topic for today. Things just don’t flow like they used to! One of my friends was talking about a loop he’s having in his head and I decided to run it through the numbers. The numeric value seems to match pretty close to what the words are saying:

repair die run move on” in the English Ordinal system equals 222 (continual process of light and shadow selves all the way through)

I decided to add the slash as a word and something interesting happened:

repairslashdieslashrunslashmove on” in the English Ordinal system equals 399 (Jackie =39 and thirteen = 99!) yes, no, may be of a “no” “no” process.

this phrase kind of correlates to the above process:

wherever you go there you are” in the English Ordinal system equals 328 (life =32 man=28) yes, no, may be process of light and shadow in eternity and or on the racetrack of life.

What I have figured out about running away is I haven’t been able to escape from myself . Whatever behaviors I exhibit in one place, I will have the same ones in the new place. It’s hard to change but sometimes unless you change, you won’t ever grow as a person. Change has seldom come easy to me!

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