15 November 2021 Be One Of The Lights (short story)

She sat down head in hands taking a deep breath. The day fell off of her shoulders. She could hear the multitudes of people lingering around her. So many stories. She lifted her head and was shocked by what she saw. All the people around her were just shadows! She blinked her eyes a couple of times to make sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her but the shadows remained. Then she saw a being that seemed to be made of light come towards her….walking through all the shadows. She heard a voice, “Be one of the lights.” She blinked just once and all the shadows became people again. The light being was nowhere to be found. Suddenly the people passing by began to stare at her. Some of them walked towards her asking ,”Can you help me?” They all had faraway looks in their eyes like they were lost. Pretty soon she was surrounded. She caught a brief glimpse of light and realized it was her own hand.