8 September 2021 Clean Air

Hello to you ! How are you ? I’m sitting here having a cup of coffee trying to clear my mind to write a little bit!

She rose from slumber clumsy and full of fog, she dreaded the pushback she was going to get from the dog. Out into the haze she put her two feet and his four paws, he dug into the pavement in protest with his claws. The sun was red like all the days before, she let him drag her back to the door. “Clean air when will you return?!! She sighed “when will the forests cease to burn ?!!”

A little bit of poetry lol . I am trying to keep my spirits up! I am hoping we will eventually get some much needed rain and the fires around us will die down. This is my second summer here in Idaho and last year was like this too !

Today’s doodle

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