16 August 2021 Energy and Emotions

Hello to you how are you today ? I hope life is treating you well and if it’s not that it will get better.

My thoughts turn today to energy and how energy affects emotions . When I am feeling full of energy my mood usually correlates. I usually feel upbeat and positive . Today I feel like I keep trying to charge my battery and it doesn’t work . Kind of like a cell phone with a bad battery. You keep putting the phone on the charger but it just won’t hold the charge!

I used to be a energetic person but now I just want to sleep all the time ! It’s an effort to force myself out to exercise . I will have to pray about this .

3 thoughts on “16 August 2021 Energy and Emotions

  1. I feel the same like you… I also used to be a energetic person but sometimes feel low now(maybe because of the lockdown)

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