8 January 2022 Warm (short story)

“Are you there?” He muttered under his breath. He was shaking from head to toe. He held his hands out to the morning light streaming in his front room. “Can you hear me…..God….?” He said a little louder this time. Still no answer. A car went by. A plane flew over his house. The coffee pot gurgled and hissed. A single drop of water dripped out of his kitchen faucet. He wrapped the fleece blanket around his shoulders and went to the couch. He made himself comfortable. He laid back and his gaze drifted around the room. “God I don’t feel good and I’m lonely…..can you help me?! Where are you right now?!” Silence again….and one thought…”take a nap.” He closed his gray eyes, shuddering as he grasped the blanket. Gradually he stopped shaking and drifted off into dreams where he was warm.

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