7 October 2021 Escape

Hello to you. How are you? It’s Thursday afternoon as I write. I really need to visit you here today!

I’m mentally tired as I write to you. I find myself wanting an escape. I haven’t been on a vacation since my honeymoon cruise back in 2008! Such a long time ago ! It wouldn’t have to be a long trip but just getting away someplace nice. I would like to be able to take Link too !

“Sometimes the escape hatch is in our heads, a walk down the street or dreaming in our beds. To travel someplace new, to a scenic countryside or to a cabin with a view. To escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. I long for that rest that restores me to my best . “

2 thoughts on “7 October 2021 Escape

  1. sends a virtual hug your way… I sometimes have to remember to say .. thank you to the Universe, for the reminder.. that we do need to practice “self care”..

    1. Hi there ! Thank you for the hug ! I needed it. You are right. I have been terrible about self care for the past couple of years…may be longer. It’s like I’m just waiting for someone to rescue me and that’s just not going to happen ! Where is my knight in shining armor ?!! Lol

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