1 October 2021 Darkness

Hello again it’s me. How are you doing ? It’s about 8:25 pm here as I write to you. It’s really dark as the sun has set. I am sitting here alone with Link trying to figure out what to do with myself. It’s too early for bed. I could read, I could watch tv, I could listen to music but none of that appeals to me! I was wishing I had someone to talk to so I figured I’d write a little! I hope you don’t mind!

When the seasons change and we lose the light earlier and the sun rises later it really messes with me. My body will wake up and it’s still dark and I will be like “what the fuck do I do now?” I suppose I could be like normal human beings and just get my ass out of bed and do something! No I just lay there and ruminate about random shit until I can’t stand it anymore !

“Darkness the blanket over the season, slips me into the balm of reason. Alas it is brief and only the sun can bring relief. The shadows grow long too soon, the only light is the pale waxing moon. Where is my reason for existence in these everlasting nights, idle hands under phosphorescent lights. A land of creeping shadow hours, illuminated by artificial powers.”

Before electricity we were ruled by nature and her ways. We rose with the sun and went to bed with the moon. With modern advancements like the phone I’m using right now to write this, we are out of sync. We can stay up late when our ancestors were burning candles!

Ah well this is our modern world . The power grid never idles! Thank you for keeping me company awhile. Another long day drifts into shadows .

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