6 September 2021 Picnic

Hello to you ! How are you ? Today is a day off of work for some people – Labor Day. I always try to remember working people of history fought for workers rights and some paid with their lives ! https://www.history.com/.amp/topics/holidays/labor-day-1

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Grace Bible Church all church picnic with my Aunt and Uncle. There was a great turn out of people and lots of good food . They had pulled pork sandwiches and then parishioners brought side dishes . I felt kind of guilty being there as I haven’t been going to church services . I guess the bottom line is being able to decide if I’m a Christian or not ! I have been at this crossroads so many times in my life . We talked to a couple people my Aunt and Uncle knew in addition to the pastors. Otherwise it was people watching . A lot of the activities were for the children which there were a bunch of there ! Overall it was a good experience but I’m glad I was with my Aunt and Uncle. I would have been pretty lonely otherwise !

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