7 March 2021 “Get out!”

Hello to you, how has your day been? Have you ever felt like you were being weighed down by something and you just couldn’t shake it? I know some of it falls under the category of depression but part of of it is also “something” else….a nameless force. Today I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m so tired of the fear that swirls around in my belly when I think about doing things I need to do. I yelled at “it” this morning…”GET OUT! GET OUT OF ME!” I actually felt some relief! I don’t know if it’s just a placebo or if addressing what is weighing me down as an unwelcome guest made it back off.

I have never really believed in Satan and or the devil but after what happened today, I kind of wonder if that energy force that is the opposite of God and Jesus was at work inside of me. I have been fighting with these feelings for months now ! I want to be happy. I want to be free of this anxiety that keeps creeping in on me. So when I feel it inside again, I am going to try what I did today. I am going to take charge and demand to be set free of what is troubling me.

poison” in the English Ordinal system equals 88

get out ” in the English Ordinal system equals 88

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