4 May 2020 Downsizing (gradually)

Hello to you.   I am writing again today as a way to cope with the cabin fever I’m experiencing lately.  Link and I keep each other company but I sure miss talking to people on a regular basis!   Writing a blog like this is kind of like talking to yourself I guess and hoping something about your self talk will resonate with someone else!

My life is extremely well documented with journals all the way back to high school.  I have a big black trunk full of journals!  Problem is, I’ve got nobody to pass them on to!  It’s sad but I don’t exactly have access to professional archivists busting down my door to help me out.   So like so many little people in history, much of my story is about to be inherited by the recycle bin!

Talking to my Mom helped me today to work through it though.  There is just a lot of things that other than you, nobody cares about that we hold on to.  Most people have enough cares of their own much less taking on more stuff from someone else.  We talked not just about journals but also about knick knacks and other things we typically hold on to.  She helped me get over my phobia of giving away stuff someone gave to me.   In most cases they aren’t going to know or even remember giving the stuff to me anyways.

At my phase of life and hers, it’s getting to the point unless it’s useful and or practical, there is no point in having it.   I don’t want to have to keep track of stuff if we end up moving from here.  There is a part of me that would like to do what they did and move to a townhome or smaller place with an Home owners association (HOA) to keep up the property.

Her and Dad did a huge downsizing to move into the place they are living now.  A lot of my Dad’s collections ended up getting sold at a garage sale.  I told her I was both sad yet relieved about that.  Part of me would have loved to inherit his Mickey Mouse snow globes but part of me is relieved I didn’t!

I guess in light of recent events and turning 52 this year, I am kind of taking stock of things and  wanting to lighten the load a bit.   I have attempted archiving before and just couldn’t stick with it.  I just get overwhelmed by it!

The world I live in now is very digital.  When I think of even the video game world my husband and I have spent a lot of time in, you have server space to “hoard” up miscellaneous items.  You have a certain amount of space and any additional space above what they give you costs you money to increase.  There is a very temporary feeling to a digital world existence.  Pixilated items can be deleted and the space reconfigured to accomodate something else – if only the real world was more like that right?  My journals will be destroyed and become something else but unlike digital media, cannot be recovered once they are gone.

Someone said it a nice way, by recycling my journals, I will be returning the words back to Source.

Thank you for reading.  Writing this has helped me work through this.   Has anyone else been through a similar journey?



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