25 September 2021 Pumpkin Patch

Hello to you today! How are you ? It’s a beautiful Saturday morning as I write to you . I’m sitting on the front porch getting some vitamin d!

Well I told you we were going to the Lowe Family Farmstead pumpkin patch in Kuna. We both agreed it was a little expensive for what there was to do before 5 pm. If we had brought kids it probably would have been different. All that said we had a nice time together and got a nice walk in to include a walk through their blown up dragon named Rusty. You could pick your own pumpkin for like .43 cents a lb. we decided to just look and take our chances at the grocery store if we decide to carve a pumpkin this year. They didn’t have much for food before 5 pm but my friend did get a hand dipped corn dog that he said tasted pretty good!

My friend took some really good pictures and I was planning on sharing them but for some reason I can’t load them. May be tomorrow ! I hate it when things don’t work right.