20 July 2021 Running from Yourself

Hello to you. How are you as I write to you today? I am doing ok . It’s been really smokey and hazy here and it’s made me think of the topic I’ve talked about before – you can’t run away from yourself . Where you go there you are. Like many people I am a transplant to Idaho . I wasn’t born here and since moving here I have felt a bit like the Californians and other people who have invaded this ill prepared state . People who are from here do not have competitive wages to allow for them to buy decent homes so they have to pay ridiculous rent fees or some are even resorting to sleeping in campers! The infiltrators have gradually destroyed this states economy. They are turning this place into what they ran away from ! Ugh ! Tracts of farmland are being turned into homes of little to no character! I don’t mean to be negative but it’s true. The same thing is happening all over the country . Who is winning in all this? It seems fleeting – like a gold rush or like when the boom towns happened in the Midwest over oil. Does anyone have vision? Foresight ? Or does greed rule the day ?

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