9 August 2021 Survival

Hello to you! How are you doing today? I am doing pretty good. Link and I got around the block once and then I did two laps on my own. It was nice and cool.

Yesterday I went to the Idaho Discovery Center exhibit of the Titanic with my aunt, cousin and niece. My passenger, Ms. Edwina Celia Troutt was a survivor. The exhibit overall was a lot of reading and kind of lean on artifacts I felt.

I can remember how the story of the Titanic captured my imagination as a child and I even wrote a song about it. The thought of so many children dying in the lower decks made me so sad . Then there was of course the movie that really brought the tragedy to life. A heavily romanticized telling of the tale.

My boarding pass
Ms Troutt

It was really nice to be out with family . We went to The Curb afterwards and had a nice meal . They were having trouble keeping staff. They said they had lost two people that day ! Things are changing in the restaurant business . Our waitress didn’t hand us menus we had to have a smart phone . She was saying eventually the trend is going to be no wait staff at all – just order directly front the kitchen ! Sad !!! I guess that’s survival of another kind.

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