The best symbol to identify me is like the tattoo I have of a chameleon.  The best way to understand my spirituality is to take in the beauty of any tree.  Everything I need to know about birth, life, death and immortality can be summed up in the life of a tree!  I am a creator.  If I can figure out a way to make something I see with my own hands I do it.  My favorite craft is jewelry making with wire….I’m a wire bender.  I love to do anything creative – writing, drawing, painting, cloth crafts, wire crafts, singing, repurposing things, taking pictures.  I love Mother Nature and all her masterpieces, whatever form.  Mother is everything to me – my friend, confidante, therapist and muse.  Walking, meditating, praying and doing Tai Chi/interpretive dance in her presence is how I have “church” – nature is my church.  The expanse of the sky and earth below is the only place large enough sometimes to take on what burdens I have to shed!

Some of my mottos:  Nothing I’ve been through, good or bad, has been for no reason.  It is my responsibility, when given the opportunity, to share my experience, strength and hope with others who are facing what I’ve been through.  Always try to Lead by Example!  Even if you positively impact one life of any kind….you’ve done well.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can see it on my blog at susanneleist.wordpress.com with the instructions. This award is any easy one to follow. I hope you accept the challenge. Susanne Leist

      1. The power to melt the mind of another (especially mine) means you have truly been infused with awesomeness. Or, perhaps I really am the simpleton my professors told me I was. 🙂

  2. Hey forget the religion, but you are very close to the truth! Check out We Are Plasma on facebook, it gives it exactly how it is!

    1. Hi Paul – I am not about religion, religion is almost a dirty word to me because of what happens when people take on labels to “identify” themselves for anything – politics, sexuality, religion, sports teams lol…we humans see, tp have to label everything! For communication purposes it’s fine but for what usually happens with labels…sigh. When I use the word God to describe “everything” it’s the same as when I say Universe, Source or any of the other bazillion names for the “all.” I saw there were a couple of we are plasma Facebook pages – the one with the Davinci man is the one I chose. If you look at other posts here, I am very interested in plasma…Keshe Foundation technology is proving plasma energy, wireless energy, is possible. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Cool little website with loads of different interests. I especially loved the “comfortably numb” post especially as I am huge pink Floyd fan. As I love astronomy your time and dimension post intrigued me too

    1. samurai290463 – thank you for stopping by earlier this year. I hadn’t checked this area of the blog for awhile and saw your comment! The imagery of the Pink Floyd of Dark Side of the Moon album cover is one of my favorites. So many different perspectives for one length of time.

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