26 July 2018 Drawings, soil erosion, Alvarado Animal Shelter losing ACO’s and Sneaking

Hello to you.  How are you?  I am trying to stay positive but it’s getting hard again.  We have a divet in the road behind our house and every single truck with a trailer that goes over it makes a crashing sound.  One actually caused the house to vibrate and shake this morning with makes me anxious about the other thing going on in our neighborhood – erosion.  They can’t fix the road right now because of the heat.  We have lost a lot of soil underneath the roads, driveways and our houses in our neighborhood over the past few years since we moved here.  I am trying not to think about it, but I am afraid of what could happen should we lose too much more soil – sinkhole comes to mind.   Your mind goes to those places when the road beneath your feet wobbles and it’s not an earthquake.

Yesterday I found out the two Animal Control Officers at our shelter here in Alvarado are “leaving to persue other opportunities” which I read as a polite way of saying, “we quit.”  I can’t blame them.  I’m very sad about this because these two ladies try to so hard – actually love and care all of the animals put in their care.  It seems like they have had very little support from the city but I can’t say for sure.  It just seems like they are always having to  beg the public for food and supplies to feed and care for the animals.  They have had to work so hard at trying to find homes for dogs they will otherwise have to euthanize because the shelter is overcrowded.  They keep getting dogs being dumped or that escape because they are in some cases being neglected.  Recently there have been lots of kittens and puppies that are products of animals not being spayed or neutered.  They are currently conducting a “clear the shelter” effort so there are few if no animals in the shelter before they leave.  I wish them the very best and truly hope the  person(s) that they find to replace them will be half as committed as they have been:


602 South Pkwy
Alvarado, Texas
Call (817) 239-4401

Our two Animal Control Officers are leaving to pursue new opportunities. With that being said, we would like to clear the shelter ASAP. Please visit the shelter page and see if there are any animals you may be interested in. Our goal is to leave the shelter empty.

The shelter is NOT closing down, and all animals will still receive care, but it will take the city time to hire someone new. This means they will not have someone devoted to them 100% of the time. That is why we are trying to get everyone out of the shelter before we leave. Please help us!!!! Thanks in advance!!!

What happens when dogs and cats are allowed to breed unchecked.

The other thing is getting my AT & T bill for wireless services (a phone we seldom if ever use) this morning and seeing they raised the price on us, without notification, by $5.35 – $91.78.  We are paying $72.83 (right now, guess that will be going up too) for Internet.   So we are paying $164.61 a month.  What really pisses me off is they don’t consider the Internet a utility but without it you can’t do shit!  It’s kind of what Wells Fargo did with our monthly mortgage payments.  They raised that too without letting us know.  This after we refinanced and were hoping to have lower payments.

This morning I read that in Michigan the Republican party is plotting some gerrymandering: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/emails-show-michigan-republicans-scheming-to-gerrymander-garbage-dems/ar-BBL4MIg – Emails Show Michigan Republicans Scheming To Gerrymander ‘Garbage Dems’


In the process of setting electoral districts, gerrymandering is a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries to create partisan-advantaged districts. The resulting district apportionment is known as a gerrymander; however, that word can also refer to the process.



Who else is “sneaking” around in business, medicine, religion and politics?!  It almost seems like a virus going around it is so prevalent!  Kyle came up with a visual to describe this phenomenon a couple of years ago.  Imagine a person flipping you off (giving you the middle finger) and then taking a dinner plate and slowly raising it so you can’t see them flipping you off anymore and saying to you, “Look at the plate.”  Meanwhile they are still insulting you right in front of your face…you just can’t see anything but the plate. 

Smeagol – Sneaking

Published on Sep 11, 2012

Samwise Gamgee suspects Smeagol/Gollum of sneaking…

Sam: What are you up to? Sneaking off, are we?

Smeagol: Sneaking? Sneaking? Fat Hobbit is always so polite. Smeagol shows them secret ways that nobody else could find and they say “sneak.” Sneak? Very nice friend. Oh, yes, my precious. Very nice, very nice.

Sam: All right. All right! You just startled me is all. What were you doing?

Smeagol: Sneaking.

Sam: Fine. Have it your own way.



30 March 2016 – You are your own Universe


“Each of us is a part of the multi-verse.  You are your own Universe.  When you go somewhere without your significant others, you have forged out into your own individual experience…your own parallel dimension.  The only way your loved ones know what happened is how you relate it to them, not their own experience.  While you’ve been away, they have been in their own dimension.  In just one day, one single person can create multiple parallel universes.  The multi-verse is not some abstract construct…it is every moment of every day…it is NOW.”

This may not be truth for all people but it is for me.   I feel like each of us is a Universe.  Sometimes we tangibly co-exist in the same “galaxy” and share experiences.  Smart phones and tablets allow us to be together via cameras and voice recording devices.   These same devices and others allow us to co-exist just with a “delay” as we watch recorded media from once “live” events.

Kyle and I talk about this phenomenon all the time.  When we are together in the same room, we are sharing the same experience but as soon as one of us leaves the others range of sight and sound….we are in our own Universe.  The only way he knows what was happening in the room he left is if I tell him my perception of it and vise versa.   Whenever we are no longer together, we are in our own, unique Universe and all anyone else will know of it is what we tell them we experienced….perceived of it.  Even when we are in the same space but having the same experience….our individual worlds may bleed over into the other’s like the clacking of the keyboard as I type now and the sound effects from him playing Fallout 4.  Unless either of us shatters these crossover sounds…neither will know what the other was experiencing in their Universe.

I like to think of this applying to all dimensions beyond ours.  Sometimes elements of our senses will cross over (sight, smell, sound, touch).  The way this happens best for me is in the dream world.  I have most of my connections  there.  I have been having some very vivid dreams lately.  One was on the 29th about being with David Bowie.   It was so nice to see his beautiful smile.

(Facebook post)

“Had a vivid dream about David last night – he seemed to be trying to talk to me about music “4 little chiefs” and chimes – nothing came of the chiefs but the chime lead me to his Buddhist teacher when he was 16 years old named, Chime Rinpoche. I like to follow up on my dreams sometimes – especially the vivid ones. It was just so nice to see him looking so well and of course I was flattered he was visiting me again. Logically I know – just my mind getting closure yet but it’s nice to think we might get visits from such folk from whatever dimension they’ve chosen as their new home lol.”

Jackie Wygant's photo.

*I’ve also been dreaming a lot about NASA related stuff for whatever reason lol — missiles falling in my yard and watching spaceships that looked like black cylinders flying in a group of 5

Anyhew…I truly believe we don’t have to look very far to see what we are looking for….something more than this.

Side note:

Our local animal shelter is so full, they are having to euthanize dogs to make room.  Today several were scheduled for such a fate.   It is imperative that we spay and neuter our pets (dogs and cats) to prevent such tragedies from continuing.  They do not choose to be here – we choose for them.   To me they are ambassadors of all that is good in all creation – angels with paws.