9 May 2017 Responsibility

Hello to you today from wherever and whenever you are stopping by. Today is going to be an “inside” sort of day I think. For the past two days Kyle and I have been besieged by allergies! It’s been dry, windy, it’s spring and lots of grass cutting going on.  Wanted to mention to my pet people that I found out using a dish washing soap like Dawn is best to remove a topical flea treatment if your dog experiences and adverse reaction like ours have recently.  Regular dog or people shampoo’s won’t get it out.  Our dogs haven’t been doing well with topicals, so we are going to try the internal – not wild about that idea either!  But with how many wild and stray critters we have around here carrying ticks and fleas, we can’t really leave them untreated.   Last year one of the dogs or us actually brought a tick into the bed!

Yesterday was a very nice day for us. We went to one of our favorite local eateries, Taqueria Torres (https://www.facebook.com/Taqueria-Torres-514132938621565/) and as always it was delicious! You can taste love and happiness in every bite – it permeates the place! I think part of the reason we like the people and the place so much is there is such a peaceful and spiritual energy.  They   express their spirituality in their decoration and on one of their message boards in particular was a message that resonated with me from the Bible, James 1:26:

“If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless. (the rest of the passage) Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after ophans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

This passage resonated with me and my own struggle with knowing when to speak and when to listen when it comes to matters of the spirit and religion! Sometimes it’s just better to agree to disagree!

Yesterday in the mail, as if to celebrate our special day, a package from my beautiful friend Natalie from the company Pocket Orgonite arrived. She had chosen some pieces that she felt were for me and sent them as a gift. They look a lot like the being in the drawing I did the other day! Pink and blue pyramids! The smallest piece actually helped me get through the allergy attack Kyle and I both suffered after walking to and from lunch! The bracelet is still on my wrist! It’s much like one my friend Cyndy had sent but broke. I am honored and humbled by Natalie’s beautiful work and gesture. I am planning on sending her an example of some of my crafts in reciprocity.

Had a weird dream this morning and this song comes to mind to recall it for you:

Robert Hazard – Escalator Of Life (1982)

What I remember of the dream Paul Ryan was in it and there were a bunch of people on an escalator. It was almost like watching an amusement ride but there too many people being crammed into it. It started to get dangerous and sparks were flying and people were screaming. At the end I remember seeing someone sticking a stick with what looked like, well to be honest, poop on a stick, into someone’s mouth.

What comes to mind is what happens when you try to cram all sorts of different people into one system, “one size fits all”….you get a shit-stick of a deal out of it. That’s what I feel about what’s going on with this Healthcare business. There is “no one-size fits all” answer when it comes to taking care of people – especially in the realm of Healthcare. I feel like what is going on with this repeal/reform is totally missing the mark of what actually needs to be dealt with. The “American Healthcare Escalator” itself – the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals….ahhh but that is too hard….takes too much time and means admitting responsibility for our current “death spiral” of a program ! The elephant in the room on all of this – the very same party that is trying to “fix” this mess is the same party that did everything within their power to obstruct, sabotage and neuter Obamacare!


Commentary: GOP’s legal and political sabotage crippled Obamacare

Updated: —March 5, 2017 — 3:01 AM EST

by Abbe R. Gluck

Like a healthy body, a complex federal legislative scheme needs nurturing. Obamacare was starved to death by its legal guardians – the U.S. Congress – the same caretakers who now have the audacity to argue that the law has collapsed of its own weight. That’s like refusing to feed a newborn and then saying it died because it was sick. You can bet that if a Republican replacement bill ever passes, this Congress will give it a lot more care and a chance to actually succeed.

Let’s be clear. Obamacare was not perfect. But how could we expect a federal law so complex, affecting one-fifth of our economy, to be perfect from the get-go? Congress never gave it a chance, or even a tweak, to help it work. The amount of legal and political sabotage incessantly directed at the Affordable Care Act appears to be unprecedented in modern American history.

Political opponents filed a lawsuit the very day the statute was enacted, arguing that the insurance purchase requirement – which President Barack Obama modeled on Republican Gov. Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health reform – was unconstitutional. Republicans then turned the state-based implementation of the statute into a political football, proclaiming that any governor who implemented a state exchange or expanded Medicaid was a traitor; never mind that the idea of resting the exchanges in the states in the first place came from Senate conservatives (or that nearly a dozen Republican governors eventually had the courage to say that the Medicaid expansion was in their states’ best interests and did it anyway).

When the Supreme Court, in 2012, refused to strike the statute down, the opponents didn’t stop there. The charge to their allies, which came from a high-profile 2010 meeting at the American Enterprise Institute, was to adopt a strategy designed to “exploit” “bits and pieces” of the law, calling it a “bastard [that] has to be killed as a matter of political hygiene.” That birthed the second Supreme Court case, one that attempted to take advantage of four sloppily drafted words in the 2,000-page law to argue – impossibly – that Congress never intended for the subsidies essential for all the ACA’s insurance reforms function to apply to the federal insurance exchanges. The Supreme Court quashed that suit too, in a definitive 6-3 smack-down, but not before the uncertainty caused by the suit prevented a smooth implementation.

The opponents didn’t stop there. Next, they took aim at the “three R’s” – the provisions of the statute on risk adjustment, reinsurance, and risk corridors. Simplified, those crucial provisions gave transitional financial relief to the insurance industry to stabilize the market and insurance premiums as the ACA began implementation. Congress never gave these a chance either. Instead, in 2013 it let Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) brand them an insurance “bailout” and then passed laws preventing the appropriation of some of this critical funding. Never mind that a federal court has now held that the government must pay the contractually obligated amount regardless, Rubio’s law notwithstanding. The damage was done.

What’s more, the House then brought a high-profile lawsuit arguing that another critical part of the ACA’s funding – the “cost sharing subsidies,” payments to insurers so they can charge individuals lower premiums – had not been properly appropriated. And that’s not even to mention countless other suits aimed to chip away at the statute, from challenges to its birth-control provisions, to its legislative process, to its implementation of the employer insurance mandate.

As noted, the statute wasn’t perfect. The insurance subsidy amounts were set too low in the law as drafted; a normal, responsible Congress would have stepped in to change that. Obama made his own mistakes, too. For example, many believe that the Department of Health and Human Services’ generous interpretation of the ACA’s grandfathering provisions narrowed the insurance markets in ways that contributed to premium increases.

Even with this strangulation, however, the ACA has had some enormous successes. Not only have 20 million more Americans been given access to health care, but health costs are way down and data on positive health outcomes are starting to come in. Indeed, the best testament to the ACA’s success is the fact that all of the proposed Republican plans keep its basic structure – requiring insurers to cover everyone at roughly equal prices, continuing support for Medicaid, and largely leaving many of the ACA’s less controversial provisions in place.

If there is any great weakness in the ACA, it is its overreliance on the insurance markets as the primary means of expanding health access. That makes the statute extremely vulnerable to the insurance industry and its politics. But that is a Republican preference. It’s a way to keep health care at least somewhat in the private sector, rather than federalizing the entire insurance scheme into a national version of Medicare for all. The part of the ACA that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) claims is “collapsing under its own weight” are these same insurance provisions; and they are collapsing because Congress double-crossed the insurance industry for political gain.

And here’s the kicker. The very first proposed regulation released by the Trump HHS aims to stabilize the very insurance markets that Congress and the ACA’s opponents spent the last seven years trying to undermine. President Trump met with top insurance CEOs last week to continue that effort. And of course, the Trump administration and the House of Representatives have decided to put the House’s cost-sharing-subsidy lawsuit on hold. Because if the House gets what it wants, it will further destabilize the insurance markets – and that no longer seems such a good idea now that a Republican is responsible for the ACA.

Trump has called Obamacare a “disaster” more times than one can count, and recently said, “Dems are to blame for the mess.” Let’s be clear about who is accountable. Considering how much the ACA has accomplished, just think what it could have done had our Republican-controlled Congress bothered to actually support it.

Abbe R. Gluck is professor of law and faculty director of the Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy, Yale Law School.

John Oliver’s latest on yet another hornet’s nest getting sticks poked into it:

Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


7 Oct 2016 Drawing and Dream this morning – The Human Mall (Escalator of Life Robert Hazard and Berlin No More Words)

Good morning, it’s about 7:17 am on this, dare I say it, rainy Friday morning. Very happy about the rain as it was getting really dusty and dry here again!

Many of us I know have been praying for the all those affected by the recent storms and their aftermath. I’m no nuclear physicist or anything like that, but I am very sensitive to energy in all it’s forms. A part of me wonders if North Korea’s setting off all those nuclear bombs destabilized the atmosphere and caused a major disruption in the balance of energy fields . Is this why everything and everyone is so “wonky?” Since I believe everything and everyone is energy, it only makes sense to me that is you detonate something with that much energy, more than once, you are going to really fuck things up….screw up the “balance.”


I did one of my compass drawings yesterday afternoon to try and soothe my mind. I have just been so tired and can’t sleep right! Kyle was in charge of choosing the movie for the night and he chose Aliens Vs Predator….some of the elements of my drawing make me think of things that were in the movie lol.   For some reason I added the Lapis pyramid I have and the Star Trek globe I’ve had for years.  I think the globe was me thinking about Anton Yeltsin and the latest news about Chrysler saying it was all his fault.

http://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/celebrity/chrysler-dealership-claims-anton-yelchin-deserves-blame-for-death/ar-BBx4Pql?OCID=ansmsnnews11 – I feel bad for Anton’s family in this.

I had a very elaborate dream that I wanted to share with you. May be it will resonate.

I dreamt that I was traveling and trying to get somewhere to eat I think, not sure. Anyways as I traveled I took a turn where I thought I should be able to so I’d get to where I was going but instead, I ended up in an alley that had poor people without shelter just standing around.

I turned before I got to these people and went a different direction to avoid them but when I got to the mall, symbolic I guess of the destination I was originally headed, the poor were there too! I passed them and they had sunken eyes, were thin, tired and hungry and I guess trying to get hand outs and assistance at this mall I was in. I just passed them and kept going to my original destination.

Well I was then in a bookstore or library in this mall, this was probably the destination, and I saw a blonde man I recognized (in the dream but not in real life) and asked him about his medical school “psych studies” and he said he wasn’t in school anymore. He inspired people instead. As we were talking, another blonde man approached us that the man I was talking to knew, and they started talking.

I was then by myself and found pieces of broken jewelry and a cheap ring. I think I wanted to keep the ring and can’t remember if I did or not but I do remember putting the broken pieces of jewelry on the counter and leaving the store.

Then there was room with people in recliners and they were all getting along at first and then one by one they got mad about different things and left the room….all that was left were the marks where their chairs used to be attached to the floor.

This dream is very symbolic of this world and it’s “Mall-like” design in how we choose to live in it. If you recall, I shared with you another dream I had back in 2005 about someone going into a Mall and getting pissed about some things the people there were doing! The Mall is a great analogy for what we’ve made this world into. We’ve managed to place a price tag on everything on it to include life! Even the water all of us need in order to live has been commoditized!

There are people suffering all around us and we try to avoid them and seek other destinations but we can’t avoid their plight.

I think I know who the “blonde men” were even if they didn’t look like they do in my conscious world. If they should ever read this, they will know too.

I think the last part is most of us (myself included at times although I can’t sit still for very long for most things except writing and drawing!) in our safe little homes sitting complacent getting fat, dumb and happy in front of our television sets until now….this embarrassment of an election with it’s faux “Democracy”, the Dakota Access Pipeline and other energy wars, the wars with false flags, our food, our air, our water, extinction of species we share the planet with, the weather, our education systems, or judicial systems, our technology, our science, our entertainment and ways we get and share our information (internet)….all the betrayals large and small in every facet of this “Human Mall” we’ve created together have become this huge pile of shit we are all wallowing in whether we want to or not!

Now we are angry and I’ve even contemplated this, we think getting mad and “leaving” (there are many different ways to leave a place) our shared dimension is the only answer to solve our shared problems.

Remember what I’ve said…..where you go, there you are. Leaving only means a change of location but you still take yourself with you. If you don’t change YOU, nothing else changes either. You can build space ships to escape this planet but if we don’t learn now, we are just going to make all the other planets we go to dust bowls too.


I kid you not, the very next video that showed up after I finished watching the Robert Hazard just now was this……perfect.  This is a phrase that kept popping in my head yesterday….I’m so frustrated with this world right now.   I was feeling like I don’t even want to write or talk ….words are meaningless if they are not followed with action.

https://my.mail.ru/mail/alex-enm/video/99902/530210.html – Robert Hazard Escalator of Life (the video I had originally linked got “SME” blocked!)