Reblog: ”My Religion Is Humanity” — Be Blogger (Official) and message from Warriors of the Rainbow Strange and Prophetic Dreams of the Indian Peoples by William Willoya and Vinson Brown

True Humanity

via ”My Religion Is Humanity” — Be Blogger (Official)

A very thought provoking post from Be Blogger (Official) here on WordPress:


“It is a fact, Religions today no longer serve the purpose for which they came into existence. The very basic theme of each religion was to teach, how to love each other and bring us closer to ourselves and to God. Today the opposite is happening, Religions are not uniting but dividing us. Forget the differences from religion to religion, each now has so many divisions. The biggest problem Religions are bringing in is Fundamentalism and intolerance, giving birth to Fanatics, who are ready to destroy our freedom, just in the name of religion.”

This part really resonated with me.  It speaks to the messages in one of my favorite books, Warriors of the Rainbow – Strange and Prophetic Dreams of the Indian Peoples by William Willoya and Vinson Brown:

Page 7

“But we have learned the white man’s religion,” protested the man.  “There is much good in his religion.”

“there is much good in his religion, it is true.  But most white men use their religion as a child uses a toy.  when the white man thinks it is useful to him, he remembers it, but when it interferes with his pleasure, he forgets it. In the old days we Indians helped each other in trouble; even the weakest were helped; we really lived our religion.  Then the white men came with ambitions to change the ways of the Indians.  When they brought love, as some few did, this was good, but when they brought the breaking up of our people into little religions, and laughed at our religion, this was bad.  Jesus never taught these little things that divide the white men and divide the Indians who listen to them.  His love was too big for such small things.  Let the white men learn again the truths of their own religion and no longer will they build walls between themselves and between other people of the world.”