1 Dec 2018 My Family Table

family table in Simple Gematria equals: 106

what do you want in this life focus on that in Simple Gematria equals: 443

= 549/99/18/9 divided by 2 = 4.5 = 9 cycle

doing what is right is seldom easy but always necessary in Simple Gematria equals: 570

= 12/3 divided by 2 = 1.5 = 6 divided by 2 = 3 cycle

love in Simple Gematria equals: 54

follow your heart in Simple Gematria equals: 214

if it doesnt sit in the middle of your chest it isnt right in Simple Gematria equals: 580

if it aint light it aint right in Simple Gematria equals: 279

let your conscience be your guide in Simple Gematria equals: 338


when your heart falls into your gut in Simple Gematria equals: 416

= 2442/66/12/3 divided by 2 = 1.5 = 6 divided by 2 = 3 cycle

family in Simple Gematria equals: 66

intuition in Simple Gematria equals: 131

= 2639/20/2/1 or 20 divided by 2 = 10 divided by 2 = 5 divided by 2 = 2.5 = 7 divided by 2 = 3.5 = 8 divided by 2 = 4 divided by 2 = 2 divided by 2 = 1

(26 is God number and 39, on a personal level, is my first name Jackie.  26 and 39 numbers can mean other things to other people, in the context of this conversation, it speaks to me.  My relationship with the God of my understanding, ultimately comes back to me.)


1 Nov 2016 Personal revelations, what I found on the dog walk this morning, Halloween bringing a neighborhood and community back to life

Good morning to you!  How are you doing this morning?  It’s 9:32 am as I write to you on this overcast Tuesday morning from the dimension I share with Kyle, Spot, Link and May.

This morning I was lead down a familiar path of images and music at first and then thoughts.  What I am sharing with you will probably seem absolutely absurd at first…..impossible to believe but honestly that’s ok.  This is me sharing with you the messages the God of my understanding, my “energy Dad”, is sharing with me through the people, places and things I interact with here on this earth.  I’ve prepared you for this with my previous posts about “how it works” for me.

Read the names inside this matchbook....Lincoln is relevant for starters.

Read the names inside this matchbook….Lincoln is relevant for starters.  Kyle may be related to the Todd’s.

The tag I found was symbolic to me as it’s the last two numbers of my year of birth, Kyle’s and the number 1 — which means one to me!

1 Nov 2016 - my personal revelation this morning that I am not ashamed to share because it might help someone else.

1 Nov 2016 – my personal revelation this morning that I am not ashamed to share because it might help someone else. It is coming to me that what “all this is about” is very much rooted in a love “triangle”. I have no “proof” this is true for anyone else but me. This is how “I See It.”

Last night Kyle and I celebrated Halloween with our neighbors and I felt like something that had been lost to me was returned…..a part of my cherished childhood.  A neighborhood….an entire community….coming together to celebrate our ancestors that have gone before us….remembering the old ways that help us heal and bring peace.  We had over 100 children and their families come by and it brought us so much joy!  Do you know we even got to share Nikola Tesla with the children?  I had my claw plasma globe out and a little girl came up and she was so full of wonder and excitement!  She exclaimed to us, “I LOVE SCIENCE!” She wanted to touch the globe and talk about protons, atoms, particles….lol.  She inspired me to go grab one of our “pig tail” light bulbs so I could demonstrate wireless energy in action and the kids and adults loved that!  One was so inspired, a young man dressed up at Tw0-Face and he did a card trick for us and was successful even as two cards tried to blow away….5 of clubs was my card.  In the lamp light of the space we created outside, much like a living room, we were able to be with our extended family – neighbors and their children – and share food, fun, laughter and the music of Final Fantasy (it went with our Steampunk theme!).  I looked up at the sky and remembered being in London, in Picadilly Square to be exact, and remembering seeing such a sky…..London Blue!  One of my absolute favorite colors.  I seem to remember a Princess who wore a gem of such a color.

Anyhew…..I love you reader, visitor, friend/family member and hope you have a day of full of loving and being loved…..knowing in all the world, no matter what you might think is your reality, it can be quite another world altogether!  Just layers….like a cake this existence.


27 Oct 2016 I found a heart on the dog walk this morning,morning meditation in beads (pixils), truth in fiction and why I love eyes best

I know the story of Dracula by Bram Stoker is just a story, but sometimes if you look at the fiction, there can be truths found there.  Something I was taught from people who loved me, my Grandpa, a long time ago.  He used to read National Enquirer and have just stacks of “tabloids” and we always kind of chided him for it because it all seemed to be so hard to believe, just “rubbish” reporting.  I would read them with him and have off and on through the years read similar types of tabloids.  There is a lot of story weaving going on….”fan fiction” but sometimes, on rare occasions, there are pieces of truth.  You just have to know your own mind, your own heart, your own values and see these stories through a clear lense.

A last thought that came to me today is this….why do I love the eyes of living beings the most?  It is through the eyes of living beings that love me that the God of my understanding shows me (and you) they love me too….they are able to see me through the eyes of love.

5 Aug 2016 - Kyle's baby blues that do the green and blue thing depending on light and conditions. Very sensitive to light.

5 Aug 2016 – Kyle’s baby blues that do the green and blue thing depending on light and conditions. Very sensitive to light.