18 Feb 2018 Who are we now?

Hello to you.  It’s 11:45 am on this cool, gray Sunday.  I just wanted to share a positive word.  I feel like I am discovering a way to be useful in this world, and it’s not an easy process but a process just the same – seeking and finding the positive things in people, places and things.   I used to be really good at this – when I was a child of course.  Well thankfully, inside, I still feel my inner child very much alive!  The part of me that our Sam taught me to hold on to – there are no strangers in this world, just family you haven’t met yet.  Not just friends, FAMILY.  Why do I say that?  With my understanding of God as energy.   If everything is energy and everything is God then that makes us all – every single form of life know and unknown – family!

Anyhew.   In my meditation this morning, the message that came forth was about how the past can hang and or trip us up to getting to where we want to go.  I have shared this before here but I will share it again:  “It’s not who we were in the past, it’s who we are now.”  The God of my understanding doesn’t care about the past because Time is our device.  The God of my understanding doesn’t care about what mistakes we’ve made in the past only if we don’t learn from them and intentionally keep repeating them.  If we don’t even try to make amends to those we’ve wronged to include ourselves.

As I sat outside doing this drawing and meditation a thought occurred to me for places we could start making amends – prisons of all kinds, nursing homes, mental health facilities, rehabilitation centers and our churches.  All the places for humans, animals and plants that could be considered cages.  Unconditional love and forgiveness has not been taught or learned by many.  What if we were to work together starting in a place we all share….the heart?  Just a thought…an idea with a positive intention and or motive.



20 May 2017 Forge Spiral of Forgiveness, the value of all the parts that make the “Big Picture” (drawing) and Apology song from Book of Life film (Boxer Raymundo Beltran)

The men have started working on replacing the siding on our house and I’m so grateful.  As I expected, they are all Hispanic and of course that doesn’t matter to me.  The only concerns I have is for their safety and well-being…that they are taken care of by their employer and will be compensated well for their labors when the project is complete.   Thinking of them from a place of gratitude, I began thinking of what is going on in our country right now for many people of their culture and I was lead to this song, The Apology Song,  from the movie The Book of Life.  My hope for our country is that a path to citizenship can come easier to those who want to live here than having to win a boxing match like Raymundo Beltran:


Beltran: Going to Trump Tower With My Green Card After I Win! By Keith Idec NEW YORK –

Ray Beltran has participated in three lightweight world title fights, including a loss to Terence Crawford. In many ways, though, the Mexican contender’s fight against Jonathan Maicelo on Saturday night will be the most important of his 19-year pro career. If Beltran beats Peru’s Maicelo, it could help him earn the green card he’ll need to remain in the United States with his wife and three children. Beltran, 35, has lived in the U.S. for 20 years, but can ensure permanent residence in the country by fighting for a world title. The Phoenix resident’s 12-round fight against Maicelo (25-2, 12 KOs, 1 NC), which will be broadcast by HBO from Madison Square Garden, is an IBF elimination match that’ll eventually earn the winner a shot at the IBF’s 135-pound championship. – See more at: http://www.boxingscene.com/beltran-going-trump-tower-with-my-green-card-i-win–116714#sthash.a9wTSpVJ.dpuf

Source: http://www.boxingscene.com/beltran-going-trump-tower-with-my-green-card-i-win–116714#sthash.a9wTSpVJ.dpuf – Raymundo Beltran ironically fighting for a Green Card in Trump Tower….this is ironic and sickening to me.

The Book of Life – The Apology Song [English]   – lead to this song


Soundtracks – The Apology Song lyrics

Toro, I am humble, for tonight I understand
Your royal blood was never meant to decorate this sand
You’ve suffered great injustice, so have thousands before you
I offer an apology, and one long overdue

I am sorry
Toro I am sorry,
Hear my song, and know I sing the truth
Although we were bred to fight, I reach for kindness in your heart tonight

And if you can forgive, and if you can forgive, love can truly live (x2)

Toro, I am frightened, but I’ll use my final breath
To tell you that I’m sorry, let us end this dance of death
[Lyrics from: https:/lyrics.az/soundtracks/book-of-life/the-apology-song.html]
Two centuries of agony, that to your heart we sent
Here and now with my amends, the senseless killing ends

I am sorry,
Toro I am sorry,
Hear my song, and know I sing the truth
Although we were bred to fight, I reach for kindness in your heart tonight

And if you can forgive, and if you can forgive, love can truly live (x2)

And if you can forgive, and if you can forgive, love…
Love will truly live


Oprah Winfrey

“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different, it’s accepting the past for what it was, and using this moment and this time to help yourself move forward.”

Oprah Winfrey