9 Aug 2017 Water Dragon (chalk drawing) and FFXIV’s awesome location Costa del Sol (video games make being in crowds possible for me)

Just sharing some drawings and more of my FFXIV adventures.   I’m really happy with the chalk water dragon!  Kyle says I’m getting better.  This time I used one of our McFarlane plastic dragons as a reference!  It helps to have a reference versus just going by visualization.

Wanted to give a shout out to Square Enix (FFXIV) about the awesome water location they added called Costa del Sol in La Noscea.  The holiday event, Moon Faire, is going on there right now and I had so much fun last night! If this sort of thing was going on in “real life”, I wouldn’t even participate.  I would be body conscious, distracted by the noise, the colors, lights, sounds, the garbage people would inevitably leave in the pristine waters but in the digital realm – just fun!  No worries – just playing!  Thank you Square!

(I ran out of picture room again….sigh…so I apologize if images disappear for older posts.)