30 Nov 2018 World View

Hello to you.  I have been doing some more number/variable runs and some interesting things showed up I wanted to share with you for your consideration.  As I mention later in this post, double check, add variables, do your own and see what you come up with.  It’s a sort of brainstorming when I do this with numeric values attached.  This method could help guide and focus discussions.

world population in Simple Gematria equals: 211


united states population in Simple Gematria equals: 296

17/8/4/2/1 or 17 divided by 2 = 8.5 = 13 divided by 2 = 6.5 = 11 divided by 2 = 5.5 = 10 divided by 2 = 5 divided by 2 = 2.5 = 7 divided by 2 = 3.5 = 8 divided by 2 = 4 divided by 2 = 2 divided by 2 = 1

population in Simple Gematria equals: 139

13 divided by 2 = 6.5 = 11 divided by 2 = 5.5 = 10 divided by 2 = 5 divided by 2 = 2.5 = 7 divided by 2 = 3.5 = 8 divided by 2 = 4 divided by 2 = 2 divided by 2 = 1


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Nov 30, 2018 13:07 UTC (+6)

U.S. Population  – 329, 091, 932 (constantly changing)


Components of Population Change

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13:07:34 UTC
One birth every 8 seconds
One death every 12 seconds
One international migrant (net) every 28 seconds
Net gain of one person every 14 seconds

World Population – 7, 536,544, 035 (constantly changing)



Rank. Country Population Rank. Country. Population NaN
1. China 1,384,688,986   6. Pakistan 207,862,518
2. India 1,296,834,042   7. Nigeria 203,452,505
3. United States 329,256,465   8. Bangladesh 159,453,001
4. Indonesia 262,787,403   9. Russia 142,122,776
5. Brazil 208,846,892   10. Japan 126,168,156

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Annual Population Estimates

United States Population Growth by Region

Regional Populations

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United States Population by Age and Sex

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Most Populous



State Population, 2017 Pop. per sq. mi., 2017
California 39,536,653 253.8
Texas 28,304,596 108.3
Florida 20,984,400 391.3
New York 19,849,399 421.2
Pennsylvania 12,805,537 286.2
Illinois 12,802,023 230.6
Ohio 11,658,609 285.3
Georgia 10,429,379 181.1
North Carolina 10,273,419 211.3
Michigan 9,962,311 176.1


County Population, 2017 Pop. per sq. mi., 2017
Los Angeles County, CA 10,163,507 2,504.5
Cook County, IL 5,211,263 5,514.7
Harris County, TX 4,652,980 2,729.1
Maricopa County, AZ 4,307,033 468.2
San Diego County, CA 3,337,685 793.2
Orange County, CA 3,190,400 4,033.9
Miami-Dade County, FL 2,751,796 1,449.3
Kings County, NY 2,648,771 38,182.2
Dallas County, TX 2,618,148 3,002.1
Riverside County, CA 2,423,266 336.3


City, ST Population, 2017 Pop. per sq. mi., 2017
New York city, NY 8,622,698 28,707.7
Los Angeles city, CA 3,999,759 8,534.5
Chicago city, IL 2,716,450 11,948.8
Houston city, TX 2,312,717 3,633.4
Phoenix city, AZ 1,626,078 3,141.2
Philadelphia city, PA 1,580,863 11,781.8
San Antonio city, TX 1,511,946 3,279.9
San Diego city, CA 1,419,516 4,371.1
Dallas city, TX 1,341,075 3,944.8
San Jose city, CA 1,035,317 5,832.3

Highest Density



State Population, 2017 Pop. per sq. mi., 2017
District of Columbia 693,972 11,350.6
New Jersey 9,005,644 1,224.4
Rhode Island 1,059,639 1,024.8
Massachusetts 6,859,819 879.4
Connecticut 3,588,184 740.9
Maryland 6,052,177 623.2
Delaware 961,939 493.6
New York 19,849,399 421.2
Florida 20,984,400 391.3
Pennsylvania 12,805,537 286.2


County Population, 2017 Pop. per sq. mi., 2017
New York County, NY 1,664,727 73,475.2
Kings County, NY 2,648,771 38,182.2
Bronx County, NY 1,471,160 34,985.4
Queens County, NY 2,358,582 21,685.3
San Francisco County, CA 884,363 18,854.1
Hudson County, NJ 691,643 14,957.2
Suffolk County, MA 797,939 13,699.6
Philadelphia County, PA 1,580,863 11,781.8
District of Columbia, DC 693,972 11,350.6
Alexandria city, VA 160,035 10,716.0


City, ST Population, 2017 Pop. per sq. mi., 2017
Guttenberg town, NJ 11,695 60,591.2
Union City city, NJ 70,387 54,690.3
West New York town, NJ 54,227 54,539.5
Hoboken city, NJ 55,131 44,097.4
Kaser village, NY 5,343 31,100.1
New York city, NY 8,622,698 28,707.7
East Newark borough, NJ 2,735 26,676.7
Cliffside Park borough, NJ 25,142 26,305.4
Maywood city, CA 27,586 23,409.2
New Square village, NY 8,451 23,006.2

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The projections are based on a monthly series of population estimates starting with the April 1, 2010 resident population from the 2010 Census.

At the end of each year, a new series of population estimates, from the census date forward, is used to revise the postcensal estimates, including the population clock projections series. Once a series of monthly projections is completed, the daily population clock numbers are derived by interpolation. Within each calendar month, the daily numerical population change is assumed to be constant, subject to negligible differences caused by rounding.

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“Heraclitus observed 2,500 years ago: It is not the same river, but we are also not the same people.”

(it is not the same river but we are also not the same people in Simple Gematria equals: 580 – 13)

I’ve personally noticed, as has Kyle, that insects are not the same.  The ones that get in the house these days are so tired and weak.  I have had them come to me and land on me and not want to leave.  It is so sad to see one lone bee out tryin to pollinate all the flowers in my backyard.  One lone insect, I had never seen before, the other day was just clinging on to a little metal table we keep outside.  I took them into my hand and they slowly climbed around like a little old person might….so gentle.  We have stopped using any chemicals and the diametreous earth only to deter ants from coming in the house.  I suspect they come in to the house when they are hungry, thirsty or just confused.  I’ve been seeing a lot of confused insects.  If we don’t have insects on this earth, how long do we have?  They do the jobs we don’t even know they do like the human farmers, tilling soil.  The garbage men removing waste.  I try to be kind.  I have been trying to understand why they do what they do from the perspective of the “least of these.”  Would I want someone to step on me?  Would I want someone to spray me with poison?  Would I want someone to scream at me?  Would I want someone to smash me with a newspaper?  Would I want someone to deny me water?  Would I want someone to deny me food?

Why are the bears killing people?  Why are the sharks attacking people?  Why are the mountain lions attacking and killing people?  Why do alligators eat dogs and children?  They are thirsty.  They are hungry.  The prey they used to have to hunt is gone, relocated, fewer in numbers or contaminated.  What would you do?  What are you doing to improve the quality of your life?  One bad experience can put you off wanting anything to do with a person.  This same mentality seems to exist for all life.  We are given a new day to try again.  Each day we get up and face the day is a chance to try again.  Unfortunately, we are so out of balance I am beginning to wonder how many new days, how tries we are going to get.

animals in Simple Gematria equals: 69

people in Simple Gematria equals: 69

insects in Simple Gematria equals: 89

fish in Simple Gematria equals: 42

food in Simple Gematria equals: 40

water in Simple Gematria equals: 67

shelter in Simple Gematria equals: 87

today in Simple Gematria equals: 65

tomorrow in Simple Gematria equals: 137

never in Simple Gematria equals: 64

= 729/99/18/9

Thirteen = 99

Take a look, double check the numbers, add variables and see what comes through for you.  I am looking at the world from my personal perspective, what I see.  There are variables, because I’m not in the world/part of these industries/practices, that I am unaware of and may be worthy of consideration.  I just want to help somehow.  This is just a way for me to try to help those in the world with incredibly difficult decisions to make.   First and foremost for me is my love of “all.”


28 Nov 2018 For Earth

I ran some numbers this morning with a few variables and this is what came out of it.  You are welcome to double check what I’m sharing.  You are welcome to add new variables to see if the outcome will be different but I suspect it will not be.  I didn’t put one word in the equation, one that I myself am not innocent of:

procrastination in Simple Gematria equals: 192

12/6/3 cycle

What the world is doing for Earth right now and has been for too long.  Playing a childhood game of passing on problems or making new ones to solve so we can make a few bucks.  Passing on a suffering earth on to the next generation not realizing that we might be back, in another form, having to deal with the mess that still exists.  For me, Earth is “God” not some invisible man or woman.   What does the Earth do with our bodies when we leave them, when we “change our clothes”?  Like the leaves that land on the ground in fall we are processed by the earth to sustain it and if we are fortunate, become something different, something new or perhaps a lot like we were before.  A “lions share” of the life on this planet are “insects.”  Remember, there are arrogant, prideful people who are often known to call human beings puny little insects.  Those are the same men and woman who might deem themselves as Gods.  What are these people should they lose all that makes them lofty?   Human.

lets play kick the can down the street in Simple Gematria equals: 371

11/2/1 or 11 divided by 2 = 5.5 = 10 divided by 2 = 5 divided by 2 = 2.5 = 7 divided by 2 = 3.5 = 8/4/2/1

profit from misery and suffering in Simple Gematria equals: 349

79/16/7 divided by 2 = 3.5 = 8/4/2/1 or 16/8/4/2/1

profiteering in Simple Gematria equals: 142

7 divided by 2 = 3.5 = 8/4/2/1