11 May 2018 Nature’s Pharmacy

Hello to you today.  Just stopping in to say hello.  Yesterday I received a box of essential oils I ordered using up the rest of a birthday gift card.  I am very pleased with them and think it was money well spent!  There are a lot of different companies that sell oils like this and some are better than others.  When I can afford it, I buy Young Living brand oils from my friend who is a distributor.  We’ve been using the ones we got yesterday in the  diffuser we picked up at Michael’s (it’s great, doesn’t require a filter!).  With both of our allergies acting up right now, having the diffuser going has helped out.  I of course geeked out and did the numbers for the oils that came in the kit and I wasn’t surprised to see several came out to the 3 cycle (life, death and rebirth).  My main “go-to” oil is mostly Peppermint.    Do you have a favorite?


1 18 15 13 1 20 8 5 18 1 16 25

A R O M A T H E R A P Y = 141 = (3 cycle)

5 19 19 5 14 20 9 1 12   15 9 12

E S S E N T I A L             O I L = 140

5 21 3 1 12 25 16 20 21 19

E U C A L Y P T U S = 143

6 18 1 14 11 9 14 3 5 14 19 5

F R A N K I N C E N S E = 119

12 1 22 5 14 4 5 18

L A V E N D E R = 81 (9 cycle)

12 5 13 15 14 7 18 1 19 19

L E M O N G R A S S = 123 (3 cycle)

16 5 16 16 5 18 13 9 14 20

P E P P E R M I N T = 132 (3 cycle)

18 15 19 5 13 1 18 25

R O S E M A R Y = 114 (3 cycle)

19 23 5 5 20  15 18 1 14 7 5

S W E E T      O R A N G E = 132 (3 cycle)

20 5 1 20 18 5 5

TEA   T R E E = 74


27 April 2016 Help from Rose Crystal during storms and the consequence of not spaying and neutering pets

Wow…what a night.  As is customary here in North Texas, some pretty powerful storms moved through when we were trying to sleep and they kept us up off and on until they  moved on.  During the worst of it, I grabbed the rose quartz I have next to my bed and just held it tightly repeating over and over to myself, “I choose calm.”  It worked.  Gradually the storm quieted down and moved on.  I have found a very assertive voice presents itself in times like these and usually the message is, “What do you want?!”  Not in the, “why are you are bothering me again?!”  type thing but more of asking what do I want the outcome to be in the situation.   When I can firmly focus on what I want, things are okay.  Coincidence, chance or great timing….it could be any of these things but I like to think it’s the power of prayer and intention at work.  When you don’t “too many mind”  or “conditionalize” prayer and meditation – it works.

Anyhew…..I am feeling better but my allergies are horrific.  I am afraid to take any kind of allergy medicine or anything while I’m on Lithium – have to talk to my doctor on that.  So, it’s holistic remedies for me – Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils and good ol’ Altoids mints….and of course using the power of self-healing.   Kyle had been doing well at work with his cough and as soon as he came home he started in again.  There is something in our “Alvarado air” I guess that’s just aggravating both of us.  This year is the worst it has ever been for the two of us  since we moved here in 2009.

I hope all who were in the path of the storms are o.k.   We have dear friends/family in Oklahoma (Links family)that were in the path of this thing too!   So much damage with these storms.  The Insurance companies can’t be happy campers!   If they are in fact trying to “farm the weather” artificially, I wonder how much longer until the insurance companies raise the bs flag?  If stuff like this is going on, people should know about it….we all need to be “in” on it.  There wouldn’t be so darn many conspiracy’s if there was more truth about things.

On a different note……

I don't know 67,000 people who want to adopt a dog!

I don’t know 67,000 people who want to adopt a dog!

Today is a sad day my local Animal shelter.  The shelter is full and they are having to euthanize several dogs.  A big part of why this is happening is people refuse to spay and neuter their animals.  I say a prayer for these unfortunates who didn’t choose to be here, didn’t choose to be abandoned, neglected, abused and are going to die with strangers.  I don’t feel like this how we  should treat family!  Kyle and I do we can to help but it is the owners of the dogs and cats that end up in shelters like ours that need to do their part.  Do your homework before you decide to buy or adopt a pet.  Something very important to remember about pet ownership – IT IS A LIFELONG COMMITMENT!  Dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals are not stuffed animals and or toys that you throw away after your bored with them – a lesson more parents need to be teaching their children I think!  Those of us who have spent a life time with animals realize they are not just “animals” but living, thinking, feeling beings who are in many cases far more noble than most human beings.  Some of the greatest life lessons I’ve learned I’ve learned in the company of my dogs and cats.

https://www.facebook.com/alvarado.shelter/?fref=photo – this link to FB page if you can help or know who can, please contact them.

My prayers of peace and comfort for Selina, Jozel and Pricilla who are scheduled to cross the rainbow bridge today.


27 April 2016 pink spirit book intentions yesterday and today rose quartz

Pink spirit book notes for yesterday and today