11 May 2018 Nature’s Pharmacy

Hello to you today.  Just stopping in to say hello.  Yesterday I received a box of essential oils I ordered using up the rest of a birthday gift card.  I am very pleased with them and think it was money well spent!  There are a lot of different companies that sell oils like this and some are better than others.  When I can afford it, I buy Young Living brand oils from my friend who is a distributor.  We’ve been using the ones we got yesterday in the  diffuser we picked up at Michael’s (it’s great, doesn’t require a filter!).  With both of our allergies acting up right now, having the diffuser going has helped out.  I of course geeked out and did the numbers for the oils that came in the kit and I wasn’t surprised to see several came out to the 3 cycle (life, death and rebirth).  My main “go-to” oil is mostly Peppermint.    Do you have a favorite?


1 18 15 13 1 20 8 5 18 1 16 25

A R O M A T H E R A P Y = 141 = (3 cycle)

5 19 19 5 14 20 9 1 12   15 9 12

E S S E N T I A L             O I L = 140

5 21 3 1 12 25 16 20 21 19

E U C A L Y P T U S = 143

6 18 1 14 11 9 14 3 5 14 19 5

F R A N K I N C E N S E = 119

12 1 22 5 14 4 5 18

L A V E N D E R = 81 (9 cycle)

12 5 13 15 14 7 18 1 19 19

L E M O N G R A S S = 123 (3 cycle)

16 5 16 16 5 18 13 9 14 20

P E P P E R M I N T = 132 (3 cycle)

18 15 19 5 13 1 18 25

R O S E M A R Y = 114 (3 cycle)

19 23 5 5 20  15 18 1 14 7 5

S W E E T      O R A N G E = 132 (3 cycle)

20 5 1 20 18 5 5

TEA   T R E E = 74


13 Feb 2017 Birthday Gratitude – Cherish the Day (Sade)

Good morning family!  How are you today?!  I hope this finds you well wherever and whenever you are as you visit here today.

This morning I woke to a dream about being in the presence of very talented female singers to include Sade and I was able to tell them how grateful and humbled I was to be with such women.   One of them, with tears in her eyes  was about to give me something, it looked like a single pearl, and then I woke up.

As I lay in bed I felt such gratitude to wake up next to my furry “baby boy” Link, my birthday present already 2 years ago!  Normally I am grateful for Kyle first thing each morning, but he was already out of bed lol.  As I contemplated getting up, I could hear in my head many variations of “Happy Birthday” to include one from the beginning of my relationship with Kyle playing the MMORPG FFXI, “Happy Birthday Prinzessa (German word for Princess).”  He used to always call me “milady.”   It was like hearing and feeling all the voices and intentions of people living and dead who can’t be with me to celebrate today.  Kyle even made breakfast for us which I thought was so sweet!

As is tradition, I’m teary today.  I always get teary, in a good way, on my birthdays!  I get so full of gratitude and the love I feel for my family and friends that it spills out my eyes lol!  I am just so grateful to have arrived to celebrate my 49th bday!

Much love, hugs and light to you!



There is only one time
when it is essential to awaken.

That time is now.

jack kornfield

Buddha’s Little Instruction Book, New York: Bantam, 1994.