30 Nov 2018 Cohabitation

Hello again.  I am doing a double post today as this subject is very near and dear to my heart – “Pets.”   Two names:  Sam.  Species:  Dog  Amber. Species Cat.  There is also May a cat, Blondie a dog, Spot and Link both dogs.  I have had birds as well.  I don’t think of them as merely pets.  They are and were family and friends….teachers.

The short time we had with Sam was some of the most important time of my life.  He taught me so much.  He showed me how great the God of my understanding is.  In all the many forms of life we share this plane with, the closest ambassadors the God of my understanding sends are dogs and cats.  Sam was one of the finest of them all.   When we had to help him travel on it about destroyed me.  I have grieved for family and other humans I have loved and lost before but it was different with Sam.   It hurt much more deeply.  You say good-bye but it never feels like there is closure.  Losing him  was like losing my son, my best friend and teacher.

If you decide to adopt or breed a dog, cat, bird or any other species of animal you are making an oath to them.  It’s a commitment for life.  They are not toys.  They are not status symbols.  They are not “just” dogs, cats….animals.  As I look at the world right now, many of these beings caged love slaves trapped in yards, basements, apartments…prisons.  They don’t get daily walks.  They don’t get social interaction.  Many don’t ever get to see anything beyond a space between a backyard fence.  I have heard many horror stories like puppies being left to die with no food or water.  Being found dead with their heads in dry water bowls.

People say it’s better than them being in an animal shelter or out on the streets starving or dead.  Is it?  I understand they don’t feel or think like we do but they do think, they do feel we just can’t always understand what they are saying.  We are often too preoccupied with our own lives to truly try to understand or it’s just one thing too many to even try.

cohabitation in Simple Gematria equals: 117

*549 pm


30 Nov 2018 Jackie numbers New Zealand pilot whale deaths IMG_4982 – just a few variables tell a story within this story. The variable not highlighted, value 205, “lost the will to live.” This is incredibly tragic. I am seeing this behavior in other beings also. Dolphins are some of the most intelligent mammals on the planet. The “thanks for the fish” phrase came to mind from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy when I saw this. It’s another warning.