29 Oct 2018 Wonderful stars on the lawn


Hello to you.  I hope this finds you in a positive energy space wherever and whenever you are as you read this.

My inspiration this morning comes from our Link and how he responds lately to the word “Wonderful.”  His eyes light up, his ears perk up and sometimes he starts playing enthusiastically.  It’s absolutely….well…wonderful!  It sparks in me the wonder that comes from still having a child living inside this aging suite of flesh I am wearing that is named Jackie.   So he inspired me.  I went outside and inside I heard a nudging to think about what is wonderful to me.  There are many, many wonderful things on my list but near the top has always been dewdrops shining in the sunshine.  I even made a little phrase for it.  It’s changed over the years but basically this:

“Stars on the lawn shimmer in the morning sun and then their gone.”  (number value = 641)

I would ask you to consider talking to the child within yourself and ask, “What do you think is wonderful?”  What brings you a sense of wonder in this world?  When is the last time you took time with what wonderful is for you?

 Wonderful = 118

Wonder = 79  Full = 51 = 130

Shiny = 75 Shine = 55 = 130 (A little two word song I used to sing to our Sammy…..often crying as I did because I knew he had to leave me some day.)

Three= 56  Years = 68 = 124 (The length of time Kyle and I had to wait for Link to come to us)

A Miracle = 62

= 564

Sam = 33

Link = 46

= 79 + 564 = 643


god is in everything and everyone in Simple Gematria equals: 338

 68/14 divided by 2 = 7 divided by 2 = 3.5 = 8/4/2/1


8 Jan 2016 8 Jan 2016 Happy reunions, magic of dewdrops, thoughtful in-laws, Cakes Cupcake shop and music of friendship

Hello to all of you visiting today! Hope this finds you well and happy.  I’m posting late  today – it’s been a busy but great day!

This morning my prayers about a lost Chihuahua were answered. While I was walking the dogs last weekend a couple stopped me to ask if I’d seen a little tan dog.  They were here from Canada getting work done on their RV (Alvarado has one of the largest RV businesses in the state!) and the little one had run away when it got scared.  Kyle told me later he’d seen a little dog near the utility crews fixing our power lines but hadn’t stopped.  I hadn’t seen the little one in the neighborhood but last night my next door neighbor said he had seen it in his backyard and it liked to play with his Yorkie Buster.

Well I woke early this morning with this on my mind and I decided as soon as I could I’d call the RV places to see which one the owners were using and let them know we may have found their dog. I also called our wonderful Animal Control Officer Janelle Grooms and she was glad to hear this news as she and hundreds of other folks in town had been looking everywhere for this little dog!

Sure enough when my neighbor let the owners in the backyard, the little ones fur momma was able to coax her out of her hiding spot – oh my gosh there is nothing quite like seeing such a moment! She wanted to give my neighbor a reward and we were like no way!  Well what’s funny is I went on the Animal Shelters Facebook page so I could get the picture of the reunion for this post and the shelter had put up a list of things they needed.  Moments later the owners came back by to give me $100 to either give to my neighbor or the Animal Shelter.  My neighbor and I didn’t want a reward so I was able to take it to the shelter and it will hopefully help them with their list!  Isn’t this beautiful how everything works out?! Along with the money I took some of my blankets I’ve made, towels and a couple of toys over along with the money.  When it  comes to running a non-profit animal shelter, EVERYTHING helps!  If you have a shelter near you and you have the means to help DO IT! 🙂

This is what we are here to do – help each other.  It’s amazing how people can do so much good if they work together.

THEN, the day just kept getting better. Kyle’s Mom and Dad had just dropped off his brother to spend time with a friend and they decided to stop at our favorite bakery up the street, Cakes, and bring me more cupcakes LOL.  Like Mother and Father….like son!  How thoughtful and perfect timing….we just ran out of the ones Kyle brought home.

I had an appointment with my friend and therapist today so Kyle dropped me off and went and did errands like Petsmart, getting us a new Spot Bot steam cleaner and he stopped by our friend Beverly Toeners shop, the Texas Medicine Woman Nutrition and Wellness Center to get more vitamins (and to check on her for me, she’s such a special lady). I made my therapist laugh so hard at the end of our time when I told her about my face thingy I’m working on, “anti-gravity glue face stuff” and told her I had first tried to use duct tape!  Duct tape fix anything!  ROFL.  It was a joy to see her receptionist Linda glowing again….true love does that!  Radiant as the sun is that girls smile these days!

Yesterday afternoon our dear friend Rhonda came by to drop off my awesome Christmas gift, a proper aluminum wallet so I could get rid of my Altoids tin I’d been using Lol. She introduced us to her new family member, her gorgeous flute.  She is trying to come up with a name with input from all of us.  Not sure if she’s come up with the official name yet.  She’s thinking Madame Curry.  This morning the name Bella came to me.  She was thinking may be Luna (Lovegood from Harry Potter) as a possibility.  She played an impromptu song for Kyle and I and it was so lovely!  She is an incredible vocalist also and I hope she can find a way to join her talents like she’d like to.  We all went out for a meal at Don Chano’s up the street.  It was so nice to do that!  We don’t eat out at sit-downs very often and especially with friends.

Finally – dewdrops on the grass. Yesterday I went out to do my thing outside and was looking at the grass and got mesmerized!  SHINY!  Dewdrops on blades of grass sparkle like diamonds…like the stars.  Anything that shines gets my immediate attention LOL.  One of my little poems from long ago about this, “Stars on the lawn shimmer until dusk and then their gone.”

Love, hugs and light through the wires to you.

*I have to finish watching the last Keshe broadcast yet!


http://www.bakingyourdreamscometrue.com/ – Cakes Shop
https://www.facebook.com/alvarado.shelter/?pnref=story – City of Alvarado TX Animal Shelter website
https://www.facebook.com/Texas-Medicine-Woman-648979235229768/?pnref=lhc – Texas Medicine Woman Nutrition and Wellness center 218 NE Wilshire Blvd Burleson TX (817) 295-5252
We are a Local Wellness Center offering Massage, Cold Laser Treatments, Detox and Zyto Compass scans. We sell Herbs and Vitamins and Essential Oils.