21 Nov 2017 Exploring perception (Drawings)

21 Nov 2017 1215pm Jackie Wygant outdoor chalk drawing understanding why my perception is different Alvarado TX

21 Nov 2017 – 1215 pm – I didn’t really understand this drawing until I got my notebook. It’s about perception. When you have a balance of your male and female aspects, at least for me, it opens your mind and expands your perception of the world.

21 Nov 2017 1215pm Jackie Wygant outdoor chalk drawing understanding why my perception is different notes Alvarado TX

21 Nov 2017 – notes about the chalk drawing.

21 Nov 2017 Link Wygant out back sticking tongue out at me Alvarado TX

21 Nov 2017 – Link sticking his tongue out at me lool!

21 Nov 2017 218pm Jackie Wygant outdoor chalk drawing Red beard Alvarado TX

21 Nov 2017 – 218pm – another bearded, red haired man in the chalks today.

21 Nov 2017 137 pm Jackie Wygant outdoor chalk drawing birds tree and geometric building dream Alvarado TX

21 Nov 2017 – 137 pm – this is another drawing of me exploring a dream I had about a huge tree, birds and a geometric building. How I flew away while the other two birds remained. This time there is something new…a bird trapped in the geometric construct. The lamp is a symbol I’ve used in many of my drawings through the years….keep your light on, remain vigilent for you do not know when the master comes.

21 Nov 2017 Jackie Wygant faux Alexandrite glue gun ring made today Alvarado TX

21 Nov 2017 – Glue gun ring #2 set with a faux Alexandrite stone that was in a silver ring that got ruined.

Hello to you.  How are you in your today?  It’s 3:07pm here as I begin to write to you.  Today was changing sheets on the bed, doing laundry, getting groceries and I mostly spent time outside drawing.   I got an adorable picture of Link with his tongue sticking out at me.  Sent my Aunt Ruth a picture of me outside (before coloring my hair, I caved to a bit of vanity – not ready to go gray yet!) to wish her Happy birthday today.  Wanted her to see a smile with my texted sentiments of loving and missing her on her special day!

I read the letter Mom wrote to me this morning.  These last lines of the letter had me crying for quite a few minutes it touched me so much, “Well, I really don’t have much to write about – you understand don’t you! Anyway I like to let you know that we are thinking of you.”  Some times that is the reason I keep up with this blog!  Another Thanksgiving passes with us passing these sentiments across the miles…..where is my transporter lol?!  Home! Now! We were going to go last year, but “me” happened and we had to cancel.  I also made another glue gun ring for my faux Alexandrite stone I really like.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with Kyle’s family.  I’m so proud of his Mom as she took my advice about trying something besides the traditional meal….make it a little easier on her.  We are doing a pizza party like my friend Les does with her family for the holiday.   I can remember Les telling me about how one time they actually had authentic Chicago style pizza’s flown in lol.  It’s important to find your own way to celebrate special occasions and not get stuck in traditions that may not suite who you are anymore.

As a kid and young woman, I can remember part of celebrating Thanksgiving involved going to the Mall for Black Friday sales.  Doing that isn’t part of my life anymore.  I would much rather spend time with people I love than go shopping for more shite nobody needs!  Some people really enjoy the thrill of the hunt for sales and all that – good for them.  Not my thing.  I really don’t enjoy shopping these days.

Anyhew — love, hugs and best wishes through the wires to you!



20 Nov 2017 The Door (drawing)





21 Feb 2017 New outdoor chalk (Drawings), Dog for Dog Pet food, and song Sun and Stars (Really Slow Motion)

Good afternoon family, how are you?!  Today has been a spectacularly beautiful day – birds singing and doing “spring things” like mating on the wires of a cell tower (yes, this morning  I actually saw a hawk or falcon mating with another one on the cell tower behind our house lol), black, tan, yellow and blue butterflies frantically trying to retrieve nectar from tiny purple flowers…..the sky that perfect blue and the sun warm and comforting on my back.  Things are doing things!  So grateful for so much beauty today.

So Kyle went out and did some errands today and in the process came home with a box of 48 new Crayola outdoor chalks for me!  They are my birthday present from my Aunt Ruth!  She wanted me to buy more supplies for my arts and crafts!  So I set about using them.  Unfortunately the boxes only come with one black colored chalk and I really like to use that color!  It helps bring definition to the shapes and stuff I’m doing.  I looked online and they don’t seem to sell just black chalk by itself so I’m having to go easy on using it lol.

Kyle did something else in honor of my birthday, he took food and supplies to our local animal shelter.  The food we donated is a dog food I found out about that for every bag of food you buy, they give a bag to a shelter: https://www.dogfordog.com/ 

Source is https://www.dogfordog.com/  - interesting facts about what it takes to care for shelter dogs.  Our shelter is forever running out of food as many of the dogs they take in are large breeds.

Source is https://www.dogfordog.com/ – interesting facts about what it takes to care for shelter dogs. Our shelter is forever running out of food as many of the dogs they take in are large breeds.

From the Daily Good internet page I made my Home Page I like it so much!

http://www.dailygood.org/2017/02/21/combating-a-creativity-crisis/ – see link for entire article

Feb 21, 2017— “KH Kim, author of the new book “The Creativity Challenge” has tested more than 270,000 people, from kindergartners to adults, looking at (among other things) their ability to come up with original ideas, think in a detailed and elaborative way, synthesize information, and be open-minded and curious — what she considers creativity. Her research has found that Americans’ creativity rose from 1966 to 1990, but began significantly declining after then.” In this article she calls out eight signs of a creative person, and the importance of recognizing and supporting their gifts before it is too late.

What we see depends mainly on what we look for. John Lubbock

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Vincent Van Gogh

Much love, light, and perhaps a reason to smile that makes your whole body just get warm and feel good.   One of my favorite feelings is the feeling of love that warms my heart and just spreads out to my entire body!