23 Nov 2018 Family Seen and Unseen

(the pictures not of people are aspects of nature and the earth I consider family too.  What do we become long dead in the ground but rock, soil, crystals, oil, trees, grass, flowers, weeds, vegetables, insects, animals, oil, gas, ash…eventually human? circle of life in Simple Gematria equals: 103/13)

Just a quick hello, I hope this finds you well in your here and now as you visit.  The holidays are underway.  For me, the holidays are every day because every day is a gift from the God of my understanding.  Not just one or two specific days.  The holidays are difficult for me because I am in the present and my heart travels to the past.  I find myself missing so many people and places yet they remain etched on my heart like a tattoo.  The last thing I want to do, while I still have family and friends, is to go shopping.  That’s just me.  Some people can’t stand their family.  Some people have few if any friends so I understand them wanting to go out and be around other people, not to be alone.

I just wish the holidays weren’t just about the shopping and material things but were more about what is lasting like relationship with the earth, with the Gods and Goddesses of our understanding, with family, friends and ourselves.  I am fortunate to have love and I know to generate love for others.  Some are not so fortunate.  They were not taught.  They never learned or what they did learn of these things put them off of it forever.

This is the world we have made together as a world family and no matter what, at the end of it all, there is the stuff we bought that we leave behind to become somebody else’s problem and how we are remembered….sometimes love….sometimes hate.

Do you want back the broken doll or do you want back the Mother?  For me it is the Mother and that takes “Earth time.”  earth time in Simple Gematria equals: 99  (Thirteen = 99 which is a 9 cycle, which is difficult = 90/9 divided by 2 = 4.5 = 9 — 2 cycles)

family seen and unseen in Simple Gematria equals: 206

holiday in Simple Gematria equals: 74*  (lucifer in Simple Gematria equals: 74 – people have negative associations with this name)

tattoo on my heart in Simple Gematria equals: 210

people in Simple Gematria equals: 69

things in Simple Gematria equals: 77

shopping in Simple Gematria equals: 104

thanksgiving in Simple Gematria equals: 141*

time off work in Simple Gematria equals: 141*

black friday in Simple Gematria equals: 92* (black = 29)

= 1114/34 or 52/7   (devil in Simple Gematria equals: 52 – interesting)