8 Jan 2018 Little Stories – our neighbors and the people who make up our daily lives

Hello to you.  It’s 9:04 am on this bright Monday morning as I begin to write to you.  How are things going in your time and space….your dimension?  I hope well or it’s going to get better for you!

We were blessed to have received a gift card for Waffle House (https://wafflehouse.com/)  from my parents for Christmas.  So this morning we treated our neighbor and friend, Pam,  to breakfast.   She was doing good but a little off kilter after having an encounter with her dog Jasper and a stray boxer loose in the neighborhood Saturday. Also her hubby is getting ready to have major back surgery.  They are prepared for it.  The folks that work at our Waffle House in town are always so good to us and every time we go there it’s like visiting family and friends.  Our server, Lyn, took great care of us.  She is a breast cancer survivor and apparently can run circles around the younger kids she trains to work there lol!  There was “Timbo” who is always one of our favorite people to see there.  It’s like dinner theater when he’s around.  Their cook, Helen always does such a great job.  I had their new “Shizham!” bowl this morning lol.  It’s hashbrowns, cubes of ham, scrambled eggs and cheese all in one – my favorite kind of meal to make!  Helen told me that until she worked at Waffle House she had never really cooked!  This surprised me because of how great a job she does whenever we eat there and she’s working.

These are examples of the “little stories” of the people we encounter that make up our daily lives.  These are important stories to me because most of these people don’t write down or keep track of their own stories!  I feel like it’s these types of stories that get lost through time.  The fine details of our existence consist of people that often go unnoticed by most.   Whenever I am out in the car and stop at a traffic light, I look around.   For that brief moment, there is an intersecting of not just cars filled with people, but entire dimensions…universes!

I had one of those dreams this morning that I woke up asking myself, “Where the heck did that come from?!”  It was about some woman involved in an elaborate scheme with politics.  I can remember seeing her holding this huge clear bowl of brown liquid, like tea, and she was disguising her voice.  Anyhew,  she got caught and had to clear our of a very fancy apartment.  Some man was trying to talk to her as she was trying to get away.  She yelled at him, “I want to go home!” and he said, “This is your home!” and then she pointed to an old neighborhood nearby where her parents were living and yelled back, “My home is right over there!”

This may have to do with some debating Kyle and I are doing about our future job and living arrangements that’s all I can think.

Anyhew….I send you all the best and hope you are both loved and loving.

7 Jan 2018 – one of the few chalk drawings I did yesterday. “One in the sun.” I am fascinated with the thought of there being a door in the sun lol.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Robert Emmet “Bob” McGrath (born June 13, 1932) is an American singer and actor best known for playing original human character Bob Johnson on Sesame Street. He was born in Ottawa, Illinois. McGrath was named for Irish patriot Robert Emmet.