7 Oct 2016 Happy Birthday Rhonda! (tshirt and love of Alan Rickman) The Red Violin (one of my favorite films…Anna’s Theme)

Today is my friend and soul sister Rhonda’s birthday.  She is caught up to me as we are the same age now haha!  I think she wears it far better but in truth we are just different flavors of the same vintage….like that?!  (wink).   She is a beautiful, thoughtful and compassionate person who’s life profession is being one who cares for others at one of the most delicate times in our lives…towards the end or when we are very sick, she is a hospice nurse and a damn fine one!  She is also an artist! (flower panel painting below).    I love you girl!!!  So grateful we can be in this lifetime together.

In honor of her day I decided a new t-shirt was in order.  She went nuts over the green one in the picture,  and it may yet be hers if this one on pink doesn’t appeal to her.  Pink isn’t her favorite color to wear and especially not this bright BUT it may make a power shirt for around the house!  I told her if she doesn’t want it, I do because I found myself just wanting to climb into this particular design.  I almost wish it was on a canvas so I could hang it up for meditation or something!  I do love my circles.