17 Dec 2017 When gifts come together, Failing tests (fire ants), Cloudman (Dr. John A Day) and Dream

Hello to you.  Just a short note as I haven’t written in a couple of days.  I’ve kind of come to an impasse with this blog and am not sure how or if I want to proceed with it.  I’m afraid I am just more “noise” to the already noisy world of written text.

Something neat.  Kyle’s niece Laci had given us two glitterized mason jars with tea lights for Christmas when we saw her recently.  I hadn’t lit the tea lights as they don’t last very long.  Well then I opened the gifts from my Aunt Ruth yesterday and she solved that problem with a pair of fairy lights!

It’s beautiful when that happens!  Two completely different families, different people connected together by love, one holiday and two people.  We are all connected like this directly and indirectly if we take a look!

Yesterday I had one of those “tests” to check my anger management skills and I feel like I failed (the anger part.)

What happened is I had my cot out to do some sky watching like I love to do and apparently a nest of fire ants decided to move where I like to put my cot!  Things escalated quickly.  They were on the cot without me even realizing it and were attacking their way up my body!  This was reminiscent of when an entire colony invaded our house and set up shop in our garden tub where we put our laundry basket!  Anyways, I felt them biting me and got really pissed.  I grabbed the garden hose and just let it run and then poured Demetrius earth over the entire area.

What all this made me think of is how we as human beings act when we are attacked by another human being.  The phrase “As is above, As is below” came to mind.  Why does it feel like it’s so easy to get mad when I get physically attacked by another person or by nature?  Kyle says it is a very primitive part of me rising up to protect myself.  When I had calmed down and flushed the biters out of my clothes I cried and felt really bad.  The ants were just doing what they instinctually knew to do.  This is what people in the stratums of this so-called civilized society we’ve created do.  We are a lot like the ants and most all beings in nature despite what we tell ourselves.  I’m glad it rained and washed away powder shortly afterwards.

I re-explored this book yesterday and took a chance to tell the family of Dr. Day how grateful I was for this book.  I wasn’t expecting anything to come of it but was surprised and honored by his daughter Janice actually responding to my note!  I forwarded the exchange to my mother-in-law so she could see “the circle” of love she started by buying me this book:

http://www.cloudman.com/ – The Book of Clouds by Dr. John A. Day was bought for me by my mother-in-law to help me through one of my hospital stays and it is one of my favorite books.  Look up and See!  (https://www.amazon.com/Book-Clouds-John-Day/dp/1402728131/ref=sr_1_1/141-9688725-4985135?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1513527884&sr=1-1&keywords=the+book+of+clouds+by+john+day)

With the weather being cold and wet, I’m thinking about trying to use this guide from a friend I had on Facebook, Mark House (I’m probably not going back to Facebook), to help me with my random music making:

I had a cool dream last night.  I had been looking for an angel my Aunt Ruth had given to me many years ago.  It was jointed with wires and had a little sign that says Joy, my middle name.  Ruth likes to give me ornaments etc. with that word for the holidays.  Well I didn’t find the angel.  I think it broke or she was a casualty of one of my unfortunate stuff cullings that I do from time to time!  I did come across a picture program from the only live rock concert I’ve ever been to which was David Bowie Sound and Vision Tour at Cal Expo back in 1990.  Well then this morning I was treated to a dream about performing with David at a concert lol.  I guess the right waking world keys were in place to unlock that.  What was funny is he and I looked a like and we weren’t singing words, we were making sounds.

Sound And Vision


Doo, doo, doo, do-doh
Doo, doo, doo, do-doh

Don’t you wonder sometimes
‘Bout sound and vision

Blue, blue, electric blue
That’s the color of my room
Where I will live
Blue, blue

Pale blinds drawn all day
Nothing to do, nothing to say
Blue, blue

I will sit right down, waiting for the gift of sound and vision
And I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision
Drifting into my solitude, over my head

Don’t you wonder sometimes
‘Bout sound and vision

Songwriters: DAVID BOWIE
© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, TINTORETTO MUSIC
For non-commercial use only.
Data from: LyricFind

16 Dec 2017 – pen and ink drawing I did yesterday