10 Nov 2017 Sharing Blade Runner (film) with new generation (warning dream) and importance of working together in quest to find new source of energy for planet (drawing)

Hello to you. Last night we watched the original Blade Runner with Kyle’s youngest brother Cole. Cole had never seen the film before and is very interested in computer programming and gaming. He enjoyed it as did we. Ever since my ex introduced me to this film back in 1987, I’ve been watching it and have owned it in it’s various forms. Even when they had the movie on a Laser Disc the size of a record album!

The reason the film is so important to me is because of the questions it posed, that many years ago, about what our definition of what life is. What does it mean to be “alive” and what are the responsibilities of a creator for his or her creation if giving them animation includes the side effect of human consciousness….sentience….awareness. Conditions that have until recently only applied to “flesh and blood.” In light of Saudi Arabia recently giving citizenship to an AI, Sophia who is a robot, and the direction robotics are going….”more human than human”…becoming a burgeoning industry around the world. I think Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and others who are asking for a “pause” button are justified in their concerns.

If you make “it”, are you prepared for what it means to be God? In case anyone has forgotten, God(s) get a lot of praise but they also get a lot of hate for the actions of their creation that intentionally or unintentionally do harm to others.

Remember the angry villagers with the tiki torches and pitchforks when Frankenstein ran amok?! 

The dreams:

Dreamt about a young woman wanting to run away with a young man to London. He was writing a script/play. I could see it was already written. What was weird was when she was talking to him, it was like he wasn’t really there. While she was talking to him, she ran her hand across a dark blue carpet and asked him, “Are you there?” He looked like Blaine from the television show Glee. The parents were supportive of the girl because the boy was rich, or was going to be.

7:27 am (one that woke be up abruptly)

Dreamt there was a town guarded by robots that looked like cowboys. A man took a chance to walk past them because he thought they were just automatons. Kind of like the animated figures you would see at Disney in the It’s A Small World exhibit where they just move but are not aware…not alive. Just as the man got past them and was headed into darkness, one of the robot cowboys responded and shot the human man in the back and then turned and shot an old woman in the head who was preparing to do the same thing.

This dream correlates to the questions Blade Runner, Terminator, Robocop, the show Humans, West World….so many other movies and television shows. This is the risk we take to play God by taking AI and robotics to such a level.

The question Rachel, a highly developed Replicant asked a man who could “retire” her is very important to consider as it goes “both ways” should we decide to develop sentience robots and give them duties such as being police or soldiers (especially since we already know humans can make these same sorts of mistakes):

“Have you ever retired a human by mistake?” (Rachel) “No” (Deckard) “But in your position that is a risk.”

Recent video that inspired drawing:


10 Aug 2017 Evacuation Dream (A.I)

Good morning to you.  It’s 7:46 am here as I write to you wherever and whenever you are as you visit me here.    I hope this finds you well today.  My prayers/positive vibes go out to you for whatever your current situation and conditions.  I hope you will choose love over hate as you go through your day.  I want to give a shout out to friend Paul David Ridley who recently had surgery to restore mobility to his body (especially his hands) and is in the process of a great recovery – Yay!

Paul David Ridley

The dream I want to share was one of those thought provoking dreams.  If it was the end of the world and we had to evacuate and we had sentient A.I beings and they asked to go along, would we make room for them?

So the dream was about what seemed to be an evacuation from a world and all the “places” had been set.  There was a woman who watched her lover who apparently had been betrayed incinerated with other prisoners in an enclosed room.  I’m not sure if the man was human, because afterwards there seemed to be like mannequin heads in their places.  She was desperately trying to collect his ashes/DNA to take to the new world.  She had laid down a long strip of orange sticky stuff.  There were odd A.I lifeforms that started to show up last minute for a place.  I was carrying an artificial seal that was very heavy before I woke up.  I remember seeing what appeared to be pilots.  One had on a long powder blue coat with a black collar and he was wearing a flying cross.  He was tall with black hair.

Man in the dream looked a lot like King Ludwig only the coat was the lightest blue color in this painting and he didn’t have facial hair.

Source Internet – painting of King Ludwig II on one of his night time sleigh rides