20 Aug 2018 Sum of the Parts (message, drawing meditation)

Hello to you.  Today has been very busy for me with the words and numbers bit.  I decided to spare you and just share what came through this evening.  What I’m doing makes sense to me,  but probably won’t to most anyone else unless they do this themselves or were sitting there with me and could hear my side of things.  Could hear my reasoning and or thought process.

So much is coming through as I examine the numeric value of words – like a story is being told to me.  When you look at how numbers correlate to creation, woman, man, child, fingers, toes, senses….it’s really beautiful!   I told Kyle today, because he was a bit worried about all my scrawling out back, that I’m fine.  This process is intensely stimulating and interesting to me.  It’s like how I felt the first few times I completed a Metatron’s Cube successfully.  I am working parts of my brain that are hungry to work this way!


mosquito = 129/12/3 cycle (this is pretty accurate lool)