5 Aug 2018 Drawings, your thoughts and how they affect your health and The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute Pain Pen (making your own)

Hello to you.  Just stopping in.  I noticed there has been interest in searches here for information on the Keshe Foundation pain pen so that’s why so much of it is here this morning.  There is a lot on the web if you look and you can buy a completed one here:  https://store.keshefoundation.org/store/product/pain_pen/ also.

I’ve experimented on my own with this and have had positive results – just a couple of examples here:

What I’ve discovered for myself with this is part of why these things work is because I want them to.  It’s amazing what happens when you collaborate with the physical world and your thoughts.  Just wanting to be free of physical pain or a condition isn’t always enough but what you believe and what you think – the power of thought energy – when properly directed, is half of the solution!  If you believe you are sick, if you believe you are in pain and there can be no relief, there won’t be no matter what is done!

Training your mind to want be pain free is the half way meeting point to actually attaining relief.  If you believe you can be free of pain or a condition, a lot of times the body will work with you to attain this goal.  My Mom lead by her example.  She showed me this mentality when she was going through chemo for cancer.  She had a very positive attitude during the process and I really think it, along with her strong faith, contributed to her healing and staying healed.

So I hope there is something here to help if this is a quest you are on.  Like I’ve mentioned, there are SO many resources for this info so look around and get informed for yourself.  I will say that for the nanocoating process, heat, just using a lighter in a ventilated space, worked well for me.  I hold whatever I’m coating with pliers or kitchen tongs.


Image result for Keshe foundation simple pain pen with bead

Image result for Keshe foundation pain pen with bead







What is GANS?


What is GANS ?

Mr Keshe teaches about the FOURTH state of matter. After matter, liquid, gas, there are the nano, GANS and plasmatic states.  GANS stands for Gas in a Nano Solid state.

​The Nano state of a ‘CAPTURED’ and CONCENTRATED GAS is already in the magnetic-gravitational plasmatic state, which radiates out its own spinning magnetic plasma energy fields just like The Sun, whilst drawing in gravitational plasmatic fields. A container of GANS essentially contains millions of Suns within it. This spinning energy flow is directed by intentionally placed Magnetic and Gravitational nanocoated coils mounted in a MAGRAV unit. It is the interaction of the MAGRAV fields between nano plates and other matter that creates the condition that allows GANS to manifest.

We now know that GANS is another state of matter at its atomic level. It is the closest thing to source energy in this experience at this moment and it vibrates at a perfectly balanced frequency. GANS can be used to attract and repel or can be used to bring another similar field into balance. It holds a perfectly tuned note, or notes, that enable the body systems to re-tune, or come into focus.
Click to this article for a more in depth discussion.

Types of GANS.  Anything can be converted to a GANS state in fact.  The primary GANS for this technology is Co2/ZnO  from the copper and zinc plate method, but other metals can be used, and then non metallic materials such as Calcium, Food, Seawater, Soil etc can also be made.

Once you have a GANS, the basic gel can be used, or it can be dried into a paste or powder, depending on the application intended.  The head of distilled water above a settled gans gel is called GANS water, and water that has been charged by adjacent GANS solutions is called Plasma Water: So, GANS, GANS water and Plasma Water can all be used for the various applications.

How to use. GANS adds consciousness to the Magrav and other Keshe devices, because GANS connects with the universe and receives and radiates plasma fields. It also interacts with human intent and is capable of learning how electricity in our homes and buildings behaves. In time the plasma fields start to mimic the behaviour of ‘normal’ electricity and start to deliver plasma energy to devices that we want it to power.

Also see: under Applications and Articles.



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  1. The size of some of the images kind of screwed things up – hope you can see everything. If you go directly to the link it’s probably even better. Just trying to pass on the info here too – trying to empower folks.

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