3 Aug 2018 Circles of Color

Hello!  It’s Friday, almost lunchtime as I write to you.  How are you?  I hope your answer is truthful.  That’s easy for me to say because I’m not there to hear your answer!

How many times has someone asked you how you are doing and you’ve said, “ohhh just fine!” and you didn’t mean it?  I have done that countless times because if I were to be honest and truly share what was going on, it would probably be too much for such a casual interaction.

We ask people these questions but more times than not we are not prepared to deal with the full weight of an honest answer.  We will walk away real quickly after asking the question to avoid hearing the response.  We even tend to shy away from people we know are going to give honest answers because it’s just too much to take in or we just don’t want to hear it.  I wish more people could be honest with someone even if that means paying for a therapist or some sort of counseling.

From what I’ve noticed in this world, sometimes a person just needs someone to really talk to about unpleasant things going on in their lives without fear of being judged or ridiculed.

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3 comments on “3 Aug 2018 Circles of Color

  1. Well, here in Caracas it’s 3:30 in the afternoon. Lunch has already passed and despite the innumerable problems that we have, well. A day with some mild rain, enjoying a good book, La Caverna de José Saramago. Have a happy weekend with a smile to life.

    • Thank you for stopping by and your comment made me smile. You wrote it just like a time traveler – a snippet of what is your life in your time! I had to look up the book you mentioned and actually added it to my wish list of books! It looks like something I would enjoy reading (The Cave) – thank you for mentioning it!

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