1 Aug 2018 Excitement

Hello.  Hope this finds you well as you visit here.  Today has been a weird and tiring day.  We had excitement in both forms.  The kind you want and the kind you don’t.  The excitement we planned for was stopping by the Arlington Mall after my doctors appointment.  Just to do something different for a change.  We were quickly reminded why we don’t go to the mall very often.  We left without buying anything even from the food court!  It’s a great Mall, we are just not the same people we used to be I guess.  I think we were both just tired which can make any experience lack luster.

Anyhew – to the other excitement…..

The excitement we didn’t want came from finding out via our neighborhood Facebook called Next Door that two prisoners had escaped from the Prairieland Detention Center (ICE) – (https://www.ice.gov/detention-facility/prairieland-detention-center-pdc) a couple of miles from us!  Yesterday afternoon I had been sitting out back and all the sudden there were emergency vehicles racing in both directions.  I had that sinking feeling that something really bad had happened but didn’t know what.  There wasn’t anything on the news and no alert from the city to let us know what was going on.   We heard what sounded like a firework go off late in the afternoon which someone later mentioned might have actually been gunfire.   It wasn’t until I checked Next Door that I found out what had happened.  There was a very passionate thread on Next door – a lot of upset people!  It’s frustrating to have to find out about something like this from a social media site!

Most of us that have been here awhile and weren’t part of city government didn’t want the facility here.  A lot of people in town didn’t even know about it being built.  We didn’t even really have a say about it and any lack of resistance to it being built was because most people didn’t know about it!    I’m glad school wasn’t in session.  I always worry about all the families we have around here with children when this stuff happens.   This type of stuff doesn’t help the me with “labels” either!

When they were talking about getting the facility here a couple of years ago, which was during the time Kyle and I were still actively attending city council meetings and trying to stay involved, we all expressed concerns about many things to include escapee situations.  We were concerned with them putting this facility so close to where people live.  They seemed more concerned about bringing in people, jobs, houses and property tax dollars.  They got all the things they wanted but also a whole bunch of stuff none of us have been enjoying very much to include this escaping business.  I feel bad for our local cops and fire department folks who are getting pulled into this stuff while still trying to take care of our town.

This has happened before, JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO, and we weren’t told about this escape either!  I didn’t know about it until I looked it up: 


Man Caught After Escaping From North Texas ICE Detention Facility

Published at 4:07 PM CST on Mar 10, 2018 | Updated at 3:57 AM CDT on Mar 12, 2018 – excerpt

“North Texas authorities say a man who escaped from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention Facility in Alvarado has been re-captured.

At about 5:30 a.m. Saturday, Jose Manzanares Montalavan, 23, was last seen in the line for breakfast at the Prairieland Detention Center in Alvarado, according to ICE spokesperson Carl Rusnok.

Officials said Manzanares Montalavan scaled a fence of the facility and fled near Gas Line Road where it is believed he could have been picked up from the area.”

Seems we have a theme with the fence because that’s how the two escapee’s yesterday got out!  Someone was saying this is like the 3rd or 4th time it’s happened and this is a brand new facility!  I only found the March article so if it’s happened before it may not have made the news.  The thread on Next Door got pretty passionate.  One person even said she was about to pack up and move because of this.   There is a city council meeting on 20 August 2018 that people were talking about attending and bringing all this up.  If it’s like anything else, I don’t know that it’s going to matter much.

https://www.cityofalvarado.org/index.asp?SEC=B5F952A8-387F-4888-9B9F-AF0A80F969FC – City Calendar


Inmates Scale Fence, Escape ICE Detention Center in Johnson County

Both inmates have been captured: ICE

Published at 10:04 AM CDT on Aug 1, 2018 | Updated at 10:45 AM CDT on Aug 1, 2018

Authorities in Johnson County say two inmates who escaped a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Alvarado Tuesday have been captured.

An ICE spokesman said staff at the Prairieland Detention Center were notified at 2:15 p.m. that two men climbed the fence and escaped. One person was captured about two hours later. The second man remained at large overnight and was found Wednesday morning.

ICE said neither of the men had convictions for violent crimes.

Multiple police agencies are involved in the search.

Agents were investigating how the escape happened.


2 comments on “1 Aug 2018 Excitement

    • AWWWWW! There was no forgetting of fish for us but yeah…..we were both having some stuff go down in parallel universes lool. It sucks getting older sometimes but your not alone girl! Love and hugs to you all there today!

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