17 July 2018 Rescuing or Enabling?

Hi there – how are you?  I hope if you in an area like I live where it’s been extremely hot that you have access to everything you need and are staying cool and hydrated.  Kyle and I were talking today that it’s ironic that it’s probably our trying to stay cool using electricity that is partially contributing to it getting hotter on this planet.  It gets really hot so we need it cooler and use more energy which makes it hotter and so on and so on lol.  Sigh.   We are flesh and bone paradoxes with legs at time aren’t we?!

For example!

Today Kyle and I went to his eye appointment and did our shopping after to maximize our trip out of the house.  One of our new favorite places is Home Goods in Burleson – darn interior design shows!   Anyhew I found what I didn’t expect to find in there, crystals!  Well one “spoke” to me and I couldn’t even put them down after they were in my hand:

17 July 2018 Amethyst geode portion we rescued from Home Goods Burleson TX. My birthstone.

Did I “rescue” this crystal cluster or did I enable an industry to continue harvesting these instead of leaving them in the ground?  I’ve come to believe after spending time with many different crystals over the years, they are not just rocks but part of the memory of the Earth.  Each harvested fragment is part of the planets collective memory.

So did I rescue or enable?  I’m going with rescue at this point but it does feel like a “loop” we as a material world are stuck in.  Unless every single person on earth, at the same time, was to completely boycott buying or doing certain things, there is still profit if even just one person caves in.  I’ve said this about oil, gas and many other things we all use that are damaging the environment.

The other reason this question arises is because of a video Kyle and I saw yesterday about the practice of putting small sea creatures and lizards inside of plastic keychains and selling them in China.  They said that people will buy them either because they have no empathy for animals and just want a trinket or the other reason was to set the creatures inside the keychains free.


Live Animals Sold as keychains in China

Live Animal Keychain in China(ANIMAL CRUELTY)

The rescuing and enabling can apply to people too.  At what point are we no longer helping someone get their life back together and just enabling them to stay the same?  I’ve had to have people use tough love with me more than once in my life.  There comes a point when apologies and excuses are like a looping recording and no longer have any meaning.  There comes a time for action on the parts of all those connected to such things.  A phrase I’ve used a lot about letting go of toxic people in my life after I realized trying to help them was at my own peril – letting them go with love.  Depending on the situation, that’s easier said than done.

I had a neighbor friend I had to do this with.  I tried for a very long time to be her friend, to listen to her pain and troubles, even try to calm her down when she called my house screaming having an anxiety attack.  There came a point we had to ask her to stay away from me because my own mental health was at risk being around her.  She tragically died not long after I had to push her away.  For a time I had regrets but came to understand that I did what I needed to do to help her get free.   I never stopped loving her and we had time together before she died.  I was able to help her using Quantum Touch.  I sat by her side when she was in hospice and sang to her.  We got to look each other in the eye and tell each other we loved each other before her eyes could no longer see and her systems started shutting down.

Letting go with love doesn’t mean stopping your love for someone.  It’s realizing that you must love yourself first if you are going to survive this life.  It’s realizing that you can’t do for someone else what only they and the God of their understanding can do.

http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/msn/genetically-modified-babies-given-go-ahead-by-uk-ethics-body/ar-AAAbmOk – excerpt

Genetically modified babies given go ahead by UK ethics body

“The creation of babies whose DNA has been altered to give them what parents perceive to be the best chances in life has received a cautious green light in a landmark report from a leading UK ethics body.

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics said that changing the DNA of a human embryo could be “morally permissible” if it was in the future child’s interests and did not add to the kinds of inequalities that already divide society.

The report does not call for a change in UK law to permit genetically altered babies, but instead urges research into the safety and effectiveness of the approach, its societal impact, and a widespread debate of its implications.”


https://ipscell.com/2015/11/haunting-doudna-nightmare-about-hitler-wanting-crispr/ – excerpt – this dream was a warning I think

Haunting Doudna nightmare about Hitler wanting CRISPR

Here is the recollection of the Dr. Doudna’s dream:

“I had a dream recently, and in my dream”—she mentioned the name of a leading scientific researcher—“had come to see me and said, ‘I have somebody very powerful with me who I want you to meet, and I want you to explain to him how this technology functions.’ So I said, Sure, who is it? It was Adolf Hitler. I was really horrified, but I went into a room and there was Hitler. He had a pig face and I could only see him from behind and he was taking notes and he said, ‘I want to understand the uses and implications of this amazing technology.’ I woke up in a cold sweat. And that dream has haunted me from that day. Because suppose somebody like Hitler had access to this—we can only imagine the kind of horrible uses he could put it to.”




5 comments on “17 July 2018 Rescuing or Enabling?

    • It takes quite a bit of force to get one of them open. I picked one out at a Medieval festival a few years ago. I was quickly corrected from calling it just a geode to it’s proper name of a Dragon’s egg lol. It took them longer than most others they had done to get mine open – so many crystals in there. Your man may need something pretty strong to force open your treasure when you find it. The guys that opened mine used a press of some kind.

  1. I found this post fascinating, each topic caught my imagination. I love your rescued geode and am horrified by the live creatures in the key rings. Gene altering is worrying too. As always, I love your chalk drawings. Thank you for your post. xx

    • Thank you so much Sally. Finding that beautiful being in the store yesterday lead me on quite a train of thought/topics! Again, thank you for your stopping by and saying hello!

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